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    Women,anything with an engine,turbo's, drifting,drinking clubbing generally socialising,my mk4 golf ;-)
  1. My Mk4 Golf GT TDI PD130

    Loving this mate nice work
  2. Mk4 Golf Tornado Red Anniversary

    Are there any pics of yours on here mate I have a tornado red mk4 5 door too??
  3. Trick's MK4 gti more door.

    Are those rabans legal mate??
  4. Uprated intercooler hoses

    Well really you should declare them as a modification but you are not a mechanic right and they were on the car when you bought it right!!! Lol
  5. Vr6 clutch

    I've looked on eBay for a 4 pot o2A flywheel and can't find one any help please?? Cheers Stu
  6. Vr6 clutch

    Thanks mate!!
  7. Remote key not working

    Well both remote keys haven't worked since I bought the car back in September and it's really doing my head in now because when I unlock it I literally have seconds to get a key in the ignition and switch it on before the alarm goes off !! I've put one key in the ignition and one in the door tried the sequence but I get no sound from the alarm or horn which is apparently supposed to sound when a key is programmed, I've watched videos on YouTube on how to do it and no joy and I'm thinking perhaps it's the keys??? :blink:
  8. Vr6 clutch

    Im in need of a new clutch for my 1.8 turbo aum engine which has the dmf and have heard that the better and cheaper option is to convert it to to a vr6 clutch and flywheel, what's involved in the conversion??
  9. Remote key not working

    I've been trying to programme my key fob by putting the key in the ignition and locking with the spare etc I have new battery's in both keys and no joy any ideas what else I can do??