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  1. do i get anymore discount as i work for goodridge and make all ur brake line kits u order.....worth a try aint it;)
  2. My MK4

    That's well nice I want ur seats lol
  3. rip off painter

    Lol about the comments...i see ur point but this guy has a lol back street garage..hes not even that good...well my cars down the 150 per panal place he's doing full front end for 475 I've see his work b4 is he's done my escort cosworth back alone,so I'll see way its like wen its back:-D
  4. rip off painter

    really...i was shocked to that price lol..and thats not even oven baked...yet i have a frind that owns a company 25 miles away thats the mutts nutz..that charges 150 a panal and it oven baked but it just means not having a car for a few weeks:((
  5. rip off painter

    just went to get a quote to have my bonnet and my new r32 front bumper painted in metaillic jazz blue... a whooping 450-650 and in 2 pack not water based...i asked the painter was batman in the backroom as he must be a robin fuker.... wat a joke ne one know ne good painteds in devon???
  6. Nays mk5 golf re-build

    i think its the mutts nutz...its lookin proper
  7. vw jazz blue?

    i didnt think theres a metallice jazz blue to be fare...oh one thing im new on here how do upload photos?lol
  8. vw jazz blue?

    hi all i have a 99 golf 1.8t thats metallic blue as my car paint code comes back as straight jazz blue..did vw do a jazz metallic blue ????
  9. painting my rocker cover

    it the way forward i think too:)))
  10. painting my rocker cover

    i have a friend that owns frist choice finishes here in exeter:) and hes sayin 10 bucks to shot blast it and do it red cant go wrong wiv that:)all id need then is a r8 oil cap
  11. wats the best paint to use to paint my rocker cover,i was gonna have it powder coated but im sure its bubble up wiv the heat,i guess hi temp paint would be best?
  12. ne one know who can make me a carbon roof skin for my 3dr golf mk4..plus lupo wing mirror covers and maybe a scuttle panel