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  1. 1971 Beetle

    I've managed to find more distractions from finishing the rear air mounts... Rebuilding some split rims... these will hopefully end up on the car so it is beetle related. This isn't though: The start of a wood stove. Got the valve off a few days ago and left it sat upside down for a couple of days then filled with water. Was still scary doing the first cut!
  2. 1971 Beetle

    Managed to get some time in the workshop last night but was distracted by a pair of old 100e wheels and a dimple die: Another evening lost but at least I have a cool firepit
  3. 1971 Beetle

    Top bag mounts are mocked up. They're only tacked together for now. Few more tweaks and then I can get them laser cut.
  4. 1971 Beetle

    Grabbed a few mates at the weekend to give me a hand lifting the shell on. I need the body on so I can make the top mounts for the air bags. The inner wing behind the shock mount is in the way so I need to work around it. I bought a repair panel thinking that I could bolt that up and work around it but the fitment was terrible
  5. 1971 Beetle

    Cheers, not anytime soon, that's for sure! This setup isn't even going on my car, I'm making it for a local lad who is currently running on airshocks and they're terrible. It's a good way of getting it road tested though and I'm only charging him for the cost of steel, not my time so everyone's a winner, as I now have all the templates and drawings to make more.
  6. 1971 Beetle

    I didn't get as far with the top mounts as I'd hoped last night. Started to swap my raised gearbox mount and dropped springplates back over to standard items as the car that this setup will end up on doesn't have gearbox raise, then I realised that wouldn't work as I have the spilt bus nosecone fitted. Mounted it all up as I can make a start on the top mounts as it is, I just will have to wait until I have the other car here to do a few little bits, like the cross bars that will sit between the gearbox & the boot floor.
  7. 1971 Beetle

    Another pic, with the airbag mounted. Plan is to have it all bolt on, including the top mount. Hopefully I'll be able to fit it with the engine & gearbox in place too.
  8. 1971 Beetle

    Cheers, dude. I had them back from the laser cutters a couple of weeks ago but not had a chance to weld them up until yesterday: Made a start on the top mounts too. and made the brackets that will clamp them to the torsion tube. Forgot to take any pics of those though.
  9. Archie's 64 Volksrod

    Just re-read the thread from the beginning... you have to update it now!
  10. 1971 Beetle

    Looks like it must be!
  11. Archie's 64 Volksrod

    Geddon, boy!
  12. 1971 Beetle

    More new bits. Laser cut, folded & rolled gearbox mount, ready to be welded. This has a 25mm raise over standard: And some new, thicker (the old ones were too thin and flexy), shock towers, lasercut & folded, ready to be welded: Then I finally sorted the lower bag mounts. All bolt in, no welding required. The top ones will be easy but I couldn't start until I had the lower one finished. It's taken a while and the process has gone full circle, back to the first idea I had. Typical!
  13. 1971 Beetle

    Started mocking up bag mounts. I was going to go with a rose jointed bottom linkage tied between the torsion housing and the lower shock mount but I've decided against that for now. As I want it all to be bolt on I'm making up a bracket for the lower mount that shares the springplate mounting holes. Also collected the new bits from the laser cutters: Fitted the new shock towers (only tacked on as I have some thicker ones on the way). Removing the old towers took a bit longer than I thought! Need to drop the body on and check they clear the inner wings as it's 5.5" narrowed. I know that they look much taller than standard. They're raised 2" and laid back 1" which is a bit excessive and will be reduced on the next set. Loads of clearance compared to stock though:
  14. 1971 Beetle

    I put the boot floor back in place to see how those panels lined up and I just couldn't get it to line up properly. It's got no strength in it from where I cut out the access panel ages ago. Really annoying as it was one of those things I rushed into without really thinking it through and now I have to undo it. Made these little brackets to go with the cleco clamps after seeing them on a Lazze youtube vid, they work pretty well. I'm jumping from one job to another here Decided I'd better finish the heater channels & get the body sat square on the chassis before I did anymore on the bootfloor. I've (probably foolishly) removed the heat pipes from inside as I won't be running heat exchangers & there's no room for any of the ducting due to the rear air. Didn't seem much point in keeping all the unused factory holes in channels so I've started welding them up, including the holes for the loom by the A pillar. I'll be running the wiring and air lines down the A pillars and into the heater channels through the hole for the heater ducting, then exiting under the rear seat. Only one more to go... Also rethunk raised gearbox cradle and drew some other stuff up to be laser cut: Balljoint shocktowers to replace my crusty ones, with a few tweaks to make sure the airshocks clear the trailing arms: And rethunk springplates which will align better and are less bulky on the torsion tube end but still have some kind of double shear strength:
  15. 1971 Beetle

    Been a while since I updated this as I forgot my password. These are updates copied across from a build thread on another forum: Bought a bead roller & tried it out for the first time last night. It's definitely a two man job but I'm going to look at changing the crank handle for a wheel or even motorise it with an old drill or similar. I wanted to make an infill panel to go between the raised bootfloor and the crossmember below it to fill in the gap. I had to do this in two pieces as my mates bending brake is only 600mm wide: A little bit wonky and the die slipped on one of the runs. It's a great tool though with loads of potential to make cool stuff.