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  1. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Had a few running issues with the car not getting enough petrol I've tried several manual fuel pumps with no success so I've had to fit an electric fuel pump that has seemed to of sorted out the problem I or so taken the car to its first car show at Dubfreeze and came away with a top 10 trophys I was surprised it picked one up being mainly an air cooled show.
  2. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Yep should be at UD this year No problem mate
  3. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Thanks guys I'm looking forward to show season in it a quick pic of it at the detailers having a pre ceramic inspection booked in for early March
  4. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Yep really happy with the finish they did a great job Here you go http://www.192.com/atoz/business/sheffield-s21/garage-related-services/j-h-pro-paint-limited/55f5010ac8149b750b301f457349ae279693ca99/comp/
  5. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Sorry for no update for a while the paint was good on the car but not up to show standard and it had a chip on the passenger door so after talking to Jon at Route 32 it was decided to roll the arches and spray both sides of the car and a wet sand and polish the car.
  6. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    I found it just by checking the neatherlands and German eBay everyday then it was just picking it up nice and easy really
  7. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Not updated for a while I've not done much to the car I've ordered a set of period number plates and fitted them to the car After fitting the plates I took the swallowtail for its 1st legal drive I've had my BBS RS re furbed by Only Charged Dubs they have sent them of to be ceramic polished I've also had new bolts and nuts four new lips and four new tyres they have done an excellent job
  8. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Thanks for the love guys I won't be going as made on this mk1 just going to keep it standard ish with a few oem parts fitted. Got my V5 back the other day just waiting for my number pats to arrive now
  9. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    I brought new hella lights for it and fitted them ready for its MOT. Fitted I took the car for an mot yesterday it passed with no advisorys Few pictures of the underneath of the car
  10. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Thanks still perfer yours tho mate Thanks
  11. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Thanks mate yours is still the best colour Plans are Just wheels and air and a bit of powder coating
  12. Hi all I've had my Mk1 series 1 golf for several years now and doing a lot of work on it I feel like I needed a change so after seeing a mates swallowtail I knew I had to have one so the hunt was on
  13. The Florida blues

    Thank R3_TBH it was a big pot hole
  14. The Florida blues

    It's been a while since my last up date just before ultimatedubs I had detailed by Dale do his magic to my car A few pics of the car at ultimatedubs dubs Come away with best engine at VW Spring festival On the way up to all types I hit a good pothole on the m6 causing this to happen So I got these powder coated and new tyres fitted I also managed to get a magazine feature in PVW
  15. The Florida blues

    Hi the best way of comparing it is like riding a bmx with old fashioned brakes compared to a mountain bike with disk brakes