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  1. Grande Gti MK5 Gti page 119

    Love how this looks, have you had to have a chassis notch?
  2. My first Mk2

    Stunning Can I ask if you have had to do any arch mods to clear the rims?
  3. Wheel alignment for low cars.

    Took mine into midland vw in norton canes, cannock. Might be a bit of a trek for you, but if your desperate?
  4. Fitting a toad alarm in a mk2

    Yeh thats what I was thinking. I dont want someone coming and butchering the loom to peices so they can get to the next job. I did think of calling someone out to certificate it, if I did fit myself.
  5. Hi all, Shopping around for a good alarm/immobiliser system for my mk2 golf and just got a couple of (what might be strange) questions. Has anyone fitted theirs themselves and not chopped/spliced into the loom? As in taken supplys etc from the back of the fusebox? Also can the ai606 be used with the standard mk2 central locking? Thanks.
  6. ****EARLY EDITION****

    Im going, first timer aswell
  7. Sixteen's 1990 Black OEM+ 16v

    Had a good look at this at UD. Stunning. Just so clean and un complicated. Did talk to you briefly, was having a nosey at the mileage