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  1. 225/40 on 18x9.5

    Hi all, As the title says any ideas on whether this could work well to give a slight stretch but lift the rear a little with 225/40s up front.
  2. Wheel Sealent

    Jetseal109 seems to be pretty good
  3. Uniroyal rainsports stretch?

  4. 18x9.5 on a mk4

    Most likely et35 or et40. Et35 with a small spacer to clear coilover but think you ll have a little poke
  5. Uniroyal rainsports stretch?

    Right I've decided on rainsports for the 3sdms but want a small stretch to help with fitment. Whilst I know falkens are a 'small' tyre what are rainsports like? I can't decide on 215/40 or 225/40 on the 8.5 and 225/40 or 235/40 on the 9.5. I've seen some 225's that just look ballooned on 8.5 s so what to avoid before order. Cheers
  6. 5mm spacers

    Thanks Damian, will be ordering at set later this month from you.
  7. 5mm spacers

    Hi there been looking at the h&r 5mm spacers with longer tapered bolts. Just wondering if you can tell me the thread length (not including taper or head) on the longer bolts please? I've just bought staggered 3sdm 0.05's et35 and they come with bolts with 30mm thread length(although as always only 20mm would be in hub). I need 5mm to take wheel away from coilover collar and to still leave sprigot 5mm of the hub centre to sit on but wondered if the bolts supplied would actually be longer. Thanks Chris