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  1. For the love of God can someone help me!

    Does it have a Slave cylinder?
  2. Thanks ,yes as in where the knob goes. Perfect , been told as my box has a long throw cutting 1"1/4 off the stick gives better change. Cheap mod just a case of getting the correct die. Famous 10min weekend job coming up lol
  3. Would anyone know the thread size and pitch? Or tpi? of a mk2 golf gearlever please? Apparently theres a tool to measure pitch/tpi but as i only need it once its quicker to ask if anyone knows lol. Thankyou.
  4. Adhesive remover

    Furniture polish, on thick ,5m soak before wiping off
  5. LHD G60 build by CSM

    Good work in this , keep the updates coming !
  6. How to stripe your carpets:

    This year is the first year ill have a set of mats for show days only . Nice tip. Will try it. Another is and this works if your goin to park on grass is drive with mat on pass side when you park put it in place, if you move the car place the mat back on pass side. If you get in car with any grass on your shoes its just covered again by mat when you get out. Keeps the pile all nice . Obviously grass under mat gets cleaned when your home. Nothing worse than trying to have a perfect mat at a show when youve had your shoes on it.
  7. Glass polishing

    Our company uses a specialist glass polisher when they get scratched glass on the boats. Cant help with the pads but remember the guy mentioning they use jewelers rouge as the cutting compound. Worth looking into .
  8. G60 Edition One

    Sorry just remembered i started a thread lol. Gone to the wrong side a few times lol, usually in petrol stations ( which it seems to like visiting a lot !) . I just pretend im looking at something through the window lol. Took me a good month to get used to the lhd thing now i just swap between lhd/ rhd no problem . No major plans to change to much on this . All fresh belts and tensioners soon. Also converting to normal servo brakes as the abs unit is foobarred. Other than that just goin to enjoy her as she is. Spec by previous owners is 1.9tsr bottom end Pack c head Schrick cam Red top injectors 4branch s/s manifold Vr6 corrado radiator Rallye intercooler Vibratechnics frt mount Stage4 charger with 68mm pulley Sns chip /anti lag Fk coilovers. Shes plenty quick enough for me, rolling road printout shows 204bhp at wheels.
  9. Lhd car mats

    Thanks blue, guido is sorting me some mats.Did look at other suggestions, this was best for me.
  10. Lhd car mats

    Ill pm him cheers That a cool idea. Wortyh trying my local carpet shops n see what cuts they have.
  11. Lhd car mats

    Its for a mk2 golf in lhd. Depending on company id be optioning blue to match the carpet and maybe a logo.
  12. Lhd car mats

    Can anyone recommend where to get lhd mats please. Looking to get a really deep pile quality set for best. Would prefer recomendations, every company says theirs are premium quality. £21.99 yeah right lol. So much rubbish out there and ebays gota be a no no.
  13. Banded steels and tyres

    Thanks big_john, ill get pics up in new year when done .
  14. Banded steels and tyres

    That makes sense, so if i had 195/45 on 7 and 205/45 on 8 im guessing that would keep any stretch to a minimum? Does running diff sizes frt to rear ause any issues? Im guessing not as their close sizes. To close to xmas now but think this could be my plan in jan. noob questions i know but better to ask before putting the rims in for banding lol. Thanks