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  1. mk2 - sloppy gearchange

    Hi Guys, Hoping you can help - going to view a mk2 valver soon, the guy tells me the gearchange is a bit sloppy, i.e it's easy to select reverse gear (no resistance, if you know what I mean) Is this an easy fix, or does it indicate a more serious problem with the box? Thanks in advance, B
  2. wheel & adapter question

    Damn, gutted they were rare wheels as well Thanks for your help guys
  3. wheel & adapter question

    Hi, Im looking at some 8x16 rims for my mk2 - offset is Et15 I will need to fit them with 20mm adapters Does this make the offset ET-5?? or am I working it out wrong. Do you think they will fit? cheers B
  4. If so, where can I get some? was thinking of fitting some 7/8x16 bmw fitment alloys to my mk2 with an offset of et20. Is this viable? thks in advance
  5. Jamex Suspension

    Hadn't heard this name for a while until I saw that Midland VW are selling the kits - does anyone know the story with them? Did they go bankrupt/new ownership etc Secondly are they any good - I heard they gave a really hard ride
  6. can you tell me what sort of mileage these engines can do without needing major work? Ive seen a few cars advertised with 100/120k miles - would these need attention soon? My mate reckons I'd be heading for some big bills Any advice much appreciated
  7. does anyone know of a decent mechanic in middx who can look after my dubs? live near hounslow but work in harrow so preferably around these areas pls many thks
  8. bbs badges

    dont know - havent picked up the wheels yet as an estimate its around 40-50mm
  9. bbs badges

    does anyone out there sell bbs badges for centre caps? ive got some rims off a 325i sport, and want to replace the bmw badges with bbs logos any details much appreciated
  10. paint code for monza blue pls

    Hi, can anyone help with the paint code for monza blue? many thks, Bob
  11. side rubbing strips on pre '88 mk2's

    ok thanks for the info guys, so can i just use a hot air gun to get 'em off?
  12. Hi, been offered an '87 mk2 (the version with quarterlights in the front doors) wanted to know how the side rubbing strips on the doors are attached. Are they just glued on, or attached with those plastic grommets like the later cars? want to take them off if i buy the car but dont want to be looking at a row of holes in the doors any advice gratefully received cheers Bob