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  1. Mk2 starting Troubles :(

    So Ive been having trouble with my J Reg Golf 8V GTI for a while now. It has been starting ok but when I stop at a traffic light or round about for example the car stutters, idle drops and then generally cuts out. This doesn't however happen all the time, it is most of the time but now always. I then went to start it the other day to put into storage and it now wont start.......great. Ive been told it could be the rotar arm........If anyone has any ideas or things i can have a look at that would be much appreciated. Have a gooden. Tom
  2. HELP needed..my headunit wont work

    Decent, cheers mate. I shall give that a go and see how i get on.
  3. So ever since i put new coilovers on my car my headunit is having some trouble working. Basically when i first put them on it was working most of the time, usually after starting the car for the 2nd time. I then put some new wheels on it and adjusted the coilovers and now it never comes on! well very rarely anyway. It seems there is power going to the unit but i know its not the unit that is broken as ive tried a couple and they both do the same. if anyone has any ideas or wiring diagrams that may help to check through then it would be much appreciated.......as driving with no music is FRICKIN BORING!!! Ta Tom
  4. Nice one cheers mate ill give him a try.
  5. Anyone know of a good garage in the cambridgeshire/hertfordshire area that specialise in the V dub scene. Used to use MV developments but not really sure whats gone on there but he doesn't seem to be around anymore. Main reason is im just putting my rm's together and could do with some advice/help with them and setting it all up after. Ta Tom
  6. So ive just had my bbs rm 012's powder coated but am missing one dimple ring which i am finding increasingly impossible to find! I was wondering if anyone had a spare that they would be prepared to sell or know of anyone who might. Any help would be much appreciated. Carpe Diem Tom
  7. Interior trim refurb help...

    Anyone got any advice on refurbing interior plastic trim. I've just bought a c-box for my mk2 and the surround is scratched in places, was hoping someone might have some ideas about how to tidy it up. I've got auto finesse revive for after but was hoping to clean it up a little first. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tom
  8. JOM Coilovers...Any good?

    Getting some coilovers for my mk2 gti and wanted a bit of advice from anyone who can help. I've previously been advised to go for Fk silverline setup however these are nearly £500 and I'm pretty skint at the moment. I've been looking at a set of JOMs but because they are so cheap I'm thinking they might be better to avoid. Do I save a little more for the FK's or just get the JOMs? Advice or previous experience of both would be much appreciated. Tom