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  1. Project 9n3 gti Burple

    Looking sweet bro, that's shine doe!!!
  2. Project 9n3 gti Burple

    Looking sweet bro
  3. Audi A3

    Nice a3 dude
  4. My GT sport golf.

    Looks awesome dude, anymore plans for it??
  5. Simon's MK5 Jetta

    Looks sweet man, sits well for coilies , what ones you running??
  6. My Mk2 1984 Show Golf

    Wow❤️ stunning!!!
  7. John's Mkv Edition30

    Love this!!
  8. A MK6 with a silly spoiler

    Stunning! Love the spoiler
  9. My Golf MK5 1.6 FSI OEM+

    I'm on fk ak streets , and the ride is really good, a little stiff, but hold the road well and a bargain at £200
  10. My Golf MK5 1.6 FSI OEM+

    Looks tiday mate, defo needs coilovers next

    had an awesome time, first time at players classic, cracking location good mix of cars and the track is an added bonus, defo be attending next year
  12. DC14

    have to agree with all the above comments, location was shocking, so many people getting stuck in a boggy field, bringing a bunch of low beemers to a wet farmers field then asking them to park up a hill probably wont be attending next year if its the same location
  13. DC14

    Looking forward to this always and awesome show