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  1. 8" sub

    Cerwin Vega HED8.2 I have in my vento in a small ported box I designed. Plays Korn lovely and handles ambient dubstep etc just fine too. They don't like getting too much power though (Its a SQ sub), The JL posted above gobbles it up if you have the power to hand and sounds like a monster in the right enclosure, JL's own boxes are insane If you want to go sealed, go 10". If you are going ported go 8". It's about the same box sizes for both.
  2. MK3 trim removal - Amp Wiring

    Drill it is! Plenty of blank parts from memory... I'll sort that out when I receive and run my second rca (completely forgot I had to go and get another rca when I finally found out how to get the trim off) Thanks again!
  3. MK3 trim removal - Amp Wiring

    Thanks! Between your help and Joeshaw123's tips we managed to get it done! No cracked clips and no left over screws! I need to work out how to wire the front speakers now though. I want to upgrade the front speakers, which I have ready, But want them amped (as in my previous install in my old car)... Ive no idea how to get the wires into the door though as it has that daft multiplug on it... I thought it would just have been a huge grommet...
  4. MK3 trim removal - Amp Wiring

    Fantastic, just what I needed! May give it another go this weekend now! Guessing the otherside is the same to remove? (for the rca's) luckily its a 5 door I will have to remove doorcards though when I soundproof and change my front speakers. Is there an easy way to get off the inspection panels either side of the dash? (the big flat parts visible when the door is open?) thanks again!
  5. MK3 trim removal - Amp Wiring

    I've tried to start running my amp wiring today in my VW Vento but have hit a few problems. Mainy, Ive no idea how to get trim off. My plan was to run the wiring from the battery, down through a grommet Ive found in the bulkhead near the panel filter. Then inside the car, remove the glovebox (Hopefully this will give me access?) then route the wiring down behind the trim along the passenger side, under the door step trim, up over the rear arch and into the boot. Ive tried taking off the various bits of trim but all seem stuck fast? I got a bit closer to getting the glovebox out but then saw the (I think) Air con unit and am wondering if its safe to run the wiring down past it if I find a gap for the wiring... After a how to really... Cheers everyone.
  6. Newbies First Lowering

    Funnily enough I came across JOM today, saw a big thread on another forum comparing vmaxx, fk, JOM and weitec coilovers. Seems like JOM are the best comprise between price, comfort and adjustability. (for me at least) and people have had good results trimming down the bumpstops to allow a bit more travel before the ride gets crashy. I'm looking at alloys now, so so so many.. Minis only had about 5 or 6 styles of 12" haha!
  7. Newbies First Lowering

    Wow, Small world! Yeah, I'm the same Coedy from SWMC lol. Bro is on FK Street coilies, But they are would quite low.. As a rough guess after a quick look with a tape measure I want to drop it somewhere between 35-60mm Of course, I dont know for sure how far until I have new alloys on. Seems I'll have to get my head around offsets and all that and find some alloys first... I think at this stage my brain is leaning to springs to keep the comfort, I think id rather get some springs then if I ever want it dragging along the floor get some coilies and just accept if its going low it also has to be bumpy..
  8. Newbies First Lowering

    Hi, Ive recently bought a VW Vento and am looking into lowering it. (Not 'on the floor' levels of low, Just so the arch seems filled more after Ive gotten new alloys.. a finger or two gap or so) Ive no idea about anything to do with lowering cars, I used to have a classic Mini and those just used to have rubber blocks and shocks, so now having a spring is really confusing me.. As far as I am aware I have 3 choices. 1= Spring swap. I understand these will leave the car with the most standard-ish feeling ride, but I hear they are more likely to bottom out if carrying a load/full car? I dont mind about if it 'leans' in corners as I don't put my foot down. I got the Vento to just swan about in, not break land speed records. These also seem the cheapest option at around £100ish (some over, some under). 2= Coilovers. My brother has a Bora and has swapped to Coilovers, I really don't like the ride quality now. It reminds me of the Mini (which bear in mind uses rubber blocks..). But! I like how easily adjustable they are. If I ever decide I would like it a lot lower, I could. But the ride quality hit really kills it for me.... Are there 'softer' coilovers? Some say adjustable damping? Presuming that's what I'd need? But would they still be too stiff on the softest setting seeing as I have literally nothing to go off of... And would they suffer the same problem of if I am 4 up with a boot full of stuff will I be catching. Prices I've seen are £100-250 for normal, £600-800 for adjustable damping. 3= Air. Its like a million pounds. But would probably suit me perfectly. Trouble is I then wouldn't be able to afford wheels for another year...lol. To put it into perspective, I'm selling the Mini and anything I get for it will go towards Alloys, Tyres, Suspension and getting the bumper scuff blown over.. The Mini will probably only get around £2000, So Air is pretty much dead in the water. I'm after some input really as I've nothing to go by other than one car I've been in on coilies and the stock springs I have in the Vento. I also am starting to look at wheels but I've no idea what I'm doing there either what with ET's and all that... I fancy Borbet A's but figure they would take a lot of fettling to get on what with the arches etc, especially as I personally dont like the look of stretched tyres (a tiny little but is fine..*Runs to the hills*). But that's probably another thread for another time...(but if you want to give input on that also then please do!) Cheers everyone. And sorry for posting such a cringeowrthy thread...