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  1. Mk5 coil overs/drop links help please

    Il go for standard then guys?
  2. Mk5 coil overs/drop links help please

    Sorry for the silly question but why do peple put shortened drop links on instead of standard drop links
  3. Mk5 coil overs/drop links help please

    So I could just buy standard drop links mate? How come some say to get shortened drop links
  4. Hi hope some can help my brother gone to fit my coil overs today and replace the drop links but someone has told him I need shortend drop links would anyone no which ones I need or which ones I can buy that work from another car as been told you can do that also or buy standard ones if I'm not goin too low? thanks in advance for the advice
  5. Cool just looked not many on there
  6. Would any know were you could get a de cat for a mk5 golf and a rough price?
  7. Hi I've just managed to get a gti font bumper and was wondering if any one knew the part numbers for the cover in the bumper the 2 numbers I'm after are the washer jet cover and the one the goes next to it so I can use washer jets as I'm putting on my gt tdi
  8. Golf mk5 gti seat?

    Maybe a silly question to ask but hear goes I have heated seats in my mk5 gt tdi but was wondering if I was to buy a set of non heated gti seats could I use my seats and use the covers off the gti seats and make them heated or does anyone no off a different way as heated gti seats are really rare and go for big money
  9. Heated seats golf mk5 golf

    Thanks for the reply guys I'm mean the seats themselves is there any way to on the seats ie plugs or any other way looking at the seats as the guys doesn't no if they are heated and asked if there any way of finding out finding out that why I posted on hear to ask as you guys are the people to ask
  10. Heated seats golf mk5 golf

    I have and they don't no and asked me if there a way of knowing or find out
  11. Heated seats golf mk5 golf

    Could anyone help please
  12. Heated seats golf mk5 golf

    Hi is there any way of knowing by looking at some gti seats are heated by looking at them.Been offered some seats but not sure if they are heated as the one in my mk5 golf 04 tdi are but would like to upgrade to leather/gti
  13. After market headunit in my mk5 golf

    Ok mate I haven't bought anything yet need the wire for the ariel and not sure how to do the rest as don't no much about stereo
  14. Would any body be able to help the headunit does not turn on/off with the ignition and have to turn off/on using the off button and that button stay live as stays red I tried switching the red and yellow wire on the back but nothin the rest of the wire loom was just plug and play and also have not got thelead for connecting the ariel on the car loam is a white and cream colour 2 connectors and jist a normal black ariel leadit a DVD sat nav double din headunit not a genuine Vw but very similar but in sure of make any help would be great
  15. Golf mk5 Headlight bulbs

    Ok mate thanks il have a look