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  1. DIY Bumper Repair

    Well bumper arrived today, better than i was accepting. After using hot air gun pushed long dent out. With soldering iron welded crack together from front and back. Left it for bit and after applied fibre glass from back. Believe or not 30 min tried to flex bumper as hard is possible and it still strong. Hopefully it will last forever. Here is part finished picture.
  2. DIY Bumper Repair

    How about David's Isopon Bumper Filler 100ml, can it be used?? I used it ones to fill hole in plastic, and seems to be worked fine.
  3. DIY Bumper Repair

    Yep, I have soldering iron good idea. Thank you So if it is thermo setting plastic, any chance to repair it? Or do i need to trow it away?
  4. DIY Bumper Repair

    Thanks for advice buddy. Not sure what you mean by thermal plastic? The only thing I know so far it is genuine bumper. I have some bumper filler, will it be OK to use without plastic weld.
  5. DIY Bumper Repair

    Hey guys, Bought GTI Bumper, which will be arriving in couple days time. It is slightly damaged, see image bellow I have not assessed damage yet myself, but looking on picture looks not bad. What do you think guys? How difficult will be DIY repair it. Any tips please? Thanks