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  1. MK6 GT TDI

    Love the wheels on this!
  2. MKV Gti Edition 30

    Looks really nice in white!
  3. What coilovers are these?!

    I'll put some up tonight when I'm on my computer
  4. What coilovers are these?!

    On my car it has been lowered but not by me. The owner before never told me what make the kit was. I now need new struts, I wondered if anyone could figure out what they were. They are on a mk5 TDI, have red springs, steel strut body and on the top rubber it has 'VW AG' on it. He reckons they were about £750 fitted. Any help would be welcome. Currently trying to clean them to find a brand or something!
  5. Gold 944

    Didn't know what to think when I first started reading it but by the end of it I really like it, top work!
  6. Lincoln Meets

    When I get mine to some standard i'll have to venture to one!
  7. Lincoln Meets

    Was there a meet on in lincoln on sunday? as i saw a mk5 golf which was low and smoothed, a mk5 jetta and mk6 golf all low and nicely done. It was sunday afternoon and i saw them on the bypass then head into lincoln together
  8. Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    I love everything about this well done!
  9. Matt's Accuair MK5 R32

    Looking good, can't wait to see what wheels are gonna look like!
  10. MK5 Golf GT TDI..Static Lows

    Sits really well. Love how it looks from the back
  11. RAT to RICHES MK2 GTI Project

    Good work so far, good luck with it
  12. ESVW - MKV GTI Build Thread

    Looking forward to seeing it progress!
  13. MK5 GT

    The wheels have grown on me, think I prefer them now theyre fitted! also liking the badge along with it! nice modding
  14. Mk6 Golf Gti Build

    This looks real nice, top work man!
  15. Fourseasons's '94 vr6 corrado (pic heavy)

    Looks good! A lot of hard work has really paid off, feel for you and the incident of swerving thought!