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  1. My Audi A4 B7

    Cheers man Deffo need some to finish of the front, they always come up at the wrong time tho hopefully snap some up soon tho
  2. My Audi A4 B7

    Cheers lads nice one jay IMG_3154 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr IMG_3153 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr IMG_3152 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr
  3. yeah i got same reply mate, jus waiting for the word really
  4. My Audi A4 B7

    Thanks man Nice one mate, i bought the bumper off my mate who was strippin his car at the time, best bets ebay they dont often come up tho in all fairness
  5. My Audi A4 B7

    yeah ill tag u in his ig pic man yeah something like that mate, looked really smart
  6. My Audi A4 B7

    Cheers bro yeah does finish it off A know a think some big ass brakes will be the mod for later in the year, really wanna do the double rear caliper thing like ma mate did with his a4
  7. My Audi A4 B7

    not updated in a while so heres some pics few more mods currently in progress, so once complete get some propa pics done
  8. My Audi A4 B7

    Cheers man for a daily it is gerrin that way need a run around soon haha me too man cheers man direct from audi mate, think it totalled around 70-80 quid
  9. My Audi A4 B7

    cheer mate nice one man yeah a see urs all time and everytime am like dammmmmnnn its a propa beast still want one Thanks man to be honest mate i would love to have the spare cash for them, would really set off the front end with them!
  10. My Audi A4 B7

    haha yeahman, gunna get some done this week a thinks man
  11. My Audi A4 B7

    IMG_2563 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr dtm bumper sorted
  12. Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    booked in with dubfiction crew for this bit of a mission but cant wait!
  13. My Audi A4 B7

    cheers bro quick pic from fitting the wheels IMG_2480 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr still not decided on how to have centre caps
  14. My Audi A4 B7

    yes ross av already sold it mate
  15. My A4 Story.

    that interior looks sweet man get more pics on