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  1. Hi HIC I'm just trying to help a friend out who has 8 Years Tax/Private Hire Bonus. He has now packed his career in as a Taxi Driver. Is there any insurance company that will accept this type of proof of NCB or even give him a discount? Best Regards
  2. Nope Crank Sensor & Knock Sensor are 2 different sensors.
  3. 8v cuts out when warm

    is it a MK2 or MK3?
  4. 8v cuts out when warm

    Crankshaft sensor it shot. Replace with genuine part. Copies dont last long at all. Maybe 6 months. However genuine items last longer
  5. 8v cuts out when warm

    When it cut out. Did the oil light flash and the revs bounced all over the place?
  6. Obtaining radio code, where?

    Ring Audi
  7. Golf gti 2ltr petrol mk3 wont start

    oil light flashing is sign of crank senor failing
  8. Golf gti 2ltr petrol mk3 wont start

    you tried Ignition coil? common on the MK3's to go
  9. Steering rack (Mk2 Golf)

    Check the bottom ball joints & top shocker mounts for creaking noise
  10. BMW F30 M3

  11. It cannot be the immobiliser. If it was the immobiliser the car would start and after a 1 second it'll die out again straightaway . Next time it happens try wiggling the 109 Relay. Most likely that is the issue
  12. Mk2 16v overheating

    you can check the fan by using this trick.
  13. Mk4 Ibiza 1.9tdi 130, lost all gears bar 1st

    Check the gearbox linkage. Will have most likely become loose