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  1. Tornado Red MK4 Anniversary

  2. So much drama in the LBC!

  3. B3LSY's Build another mk4!

    looking nice buddy, and that miltek is music to sore ears
  4. Golf mk4 more door.....

    looking good on the rs's matey , hella low aswell specs on rs pls??
  5. Flash Red Mk4 Golf

    car's looking good mate :wub:
  6. |[Harpreets New Daily]|

    dude, admire your perseverance, i would have washed my hands off ages ago and be done with my car if i had encountered 10% of what you been through lucky escape with that tyre, atleast its all sorted now any new ideas in pipeline for next year? good luck for the future bud
  7. MK4 Golf GTi

    i saw a pic if this car awhile back on ukmkivs. and wondered if it was on air. that one stunning dub you got there bud sits so well :wub: like what you have done. looking forward to your new plans for it what was the original et on the lms before the adaptors if you dont mind me asking?

    oh this is one stunning mk4 :wub: which tone of red is this by the way?
  9. BOLF E

    looking forward to the videos of this beast in action
  10. Roxi Oh, Lo n Slo MK4 golf!

    sweet mk4 you got theere buddy looks well aggressive you thought about twin-indicating those headlights? i reckon it'll look sweet with abit of orange tint in there. abit like joey'd oem xenons cheers
  11. Daz's Mk4 1.8 Turbo

    nice build bud how long before the paint you reckon?
  12. Project 4motion TFSI

  13. MK3 Golf Anniversary on Air and Splits

    AWEfrickinSOME :wub:
  14. jake white k1

    dear santa :wub: