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  1. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    cheers, iv still not got effing tyres! trying to get some asap i want to make a apperance at players hopefully they will be on within the next few days
  2. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    slight update..... BOOOOM!!!
  3. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    cheers! lol i think il have to respray the mirrors black to be honest. yeah i know i need to get the tyres sorted asap! dont really know what to do next, debating puting it on air. need to sort the head cloth still thats been out the car for a few weeks now :/ also want to do somthing with the seats im toying with the idea of buckets! also want to sort a exhaust out for it, turbo back R32 style the list goes on and on but i dont have the money atm
  4. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    yeah i know iv been after a set of 215's for a while now but not got round to doing it yet, there was a possibility of my loosing my licence and had to go to court on monday but it got ujurned so dont really want to go spend 300-400 squids on tyres and not be aloud to drive it lol also not to sure on the silver mirrors... what do people think?
  5. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    yeah i was out in it for common riding haha, cant say i reconise you name tho, you from langholm?
  6. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    north west england/ south west scotland mate, around the carlisle area. thanks
  7. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    got the bumpers on now, smoothed gti front and smoothed r32 rear split the lights and resprayed them black too! was a ball ache but worth it!! will upload some more pics later
  8. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    il have a ratch about then! et40 all round, im running 255/35/19's need to get some 225's on 215's stretched on them also need some lower springs i had the wound right the way down and now have taken the adjuster out and its still not low enough!
  9. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    i dont know yet dont know how to do it, iv got a old 4" back box i use to run on my classic mini and just for poops and giggles i held it under the cut outs on the bumper and it fited perfictly so might try and get another one of them. 19x9.5j lol guite wide there was alot but with adjusting the camber right the way out on the rear and folding the lip on the inside of front arches its alot better
  10. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    heres some more pics of the car as it stands curently... also i have a few bits to go on.... and finally i have got my lights split ready to spray
  11. My Graphite Blue Mk5 Golf

    wow i love this! youve done everything i want to do but cant afford it when you where running all that camber was that just of the standard set up? i cant seem to get that much on mine
  12. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    wheeeeeeey!!!!! il see what elce i can dig out lol
  13. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    okay hopefully this will work...
  14. My Mk5 golf Tdi

    Hello! Im new to the site so thought id stick my car up on here. iv got a black 06 1.9 tdi 3dr. Done a few bits and bobs to it so far but there's still alot more to do! so far... - coilovers - 19" bbs lm's - bit of camber - 6000k hid's - led lights and that - white plastic's inside Thats about it at the moment. this weekend iv got a few more things to do... - smoothed gti front bumper to go on - smoothed R32 rear bumper also - got a exhaust to make (R32 style but bigger!) - remove rub strips - roll the arches - go lower - more camber! lods more i want to do but havent got the money at the moment i would put some pics up but i havent quite figured out how to lol