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  1. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    yea I am about to do my build thread on an audi a3, and I spent thousands on a house of kolor respray and i'd say I should of got it wrapped, the colour is amazing but just gets ruined on the roads in Aberdeen I'll defo be keeping an eye out for your car tho
  2. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Just read through all your build thread, looks ace, everything you've done has paid off. Where you showing the car next?
  3. Engine Stutter During Starting

    I might consider getting rid of it. Does it improve running or is there really not a lot of difference
  4. Engine Stutter During Starting

    I've seen on a few websites that the SAI pumps are replaced with a resistor, would you be able to tell me why they are getting rid of the pump.
  5. Engine Stutter During Starting

    its a AUM engine code. did you just replace the head gasket and it was fine from there?
  6. Engine Stutter During Starting

    Ok I'll get it tested. There isn't any oil loss or anything so it is an odd one
  7. Hi I was just looking if anyone could give me advice on the 1.8T engine When starting the engine cold, an high frequency stutter occurs, and it almost sounds like the car isn't firing on all cylinders. The stutter stops with a little acceleration of the engine however returns on idle for about 1 minute. When the engine is warm the stutter doesn't return and the car runs well when driving. I've replaced the coils about 2 years ago, and I gave the car a full service not that long ago. Wondering if anyone has any ideas? Cheers
  8. Mk5 gti dump valve?

    Ahh cheers I saw that powerhouse do a spacer that makes it louder so we've gone for that and will let you know how it goes
  9. Mk5 gti dump valve?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a kit that allows you to swap the standard recirculating valve for a dump valve or something similar to the hybrid valves you get with a 1.8 turbo in the mr4 or a3's Cheers
  10. Audi a3 tarox kit help

    Ahh cheers. I've already bought the other ones haha. But could be swapped over in winter if there's not much else to do Cheers
  11. Audi a3 tarox kit help

    I think I got it sorted I used to have a solid rear disk and now I have a vented disk so the old callipers are no use and I need the ones for the s3 or the 4wd callipers
  12. Audi a3 tarox kit help

    Hi everyone I've got a big build on a Audi a3 8l and will be posting a build thread on it once its finished I am looking for advice with the rear brake kit I got from tar.ox tar.ox don't do a calliper for the rear but offer the pads disks and a mounting plate for the rear when I fitted the disks to the car and noticed the gap in the calliper carrier was too small for the disk and then tried the calliper with the old pads and the calliper also doesn't look like it will fit Can anyone help me with advice for this. Thanks

    478 first guess
  14. Need Advice

    i've replaced the ignition coils not to long ago i havent't replaced the entire coil pack tho like wiring or anything
  15. Need Advice

    Ive had my audi a3 8l for 4 years now, I just recently had it re sprayed in a house of kolor candy burgundy red it looks amazing however I'm building up the car myself and taking my time so I can replace pretty much everything on it I want the car to be brand new once its back on the road I drove the car out the garage today and have put in 10 liters of petrol in her the car started no probelm with a jump start as the batery is dead. the car has had a few engine moddifications such as a remap and a straight cat back exhaust with a forge recirculation valve and little bits and bobs the car does pop and bang I thought this was due to the catback exhaust. when i went to drive the car into the garage the car wanted to then the light with the exclimation mark in the middle (!) flashed 3 times, and then it cut out. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the problem could be its not got a lot of miles on the car nearly 70 000 on the clock. any advice is welcomed