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  1. Project Chiken Wire

    X5pea doesnt have a cheque book tho!! Didnt you know that all drug dealers pay with cash only dude
  2. my new old mk3 16v

    Phat stance Jamie,this looks lovely on the roll
  3. Project Chiken Wire

    he won best mk5 Adz and loudest scotsman too
  4. Project Chiken Wire

    i knew you would do that
  5. Project Chiken Wire

    Oh no lol not speed hunters again The mk5 was looking awesome Chris and it was great rolling with the DC boys,had a great weekend. Dont forget if you need any air you know where to come
  6. Black Rallye

    Paul that looks stunning mate,knew it would!!! Keep us all updated on what your up to with it Pleasure to have you at ours hun and hope you enjoyed the brew
  7. lambo mk4

    Hope I wasnt too loud Had a brilliant night
  8. lambo mk4

    Oh no its Dales mates lol .I hope I didnt make too much of a show of myself I was well hammered We did have a boss night tho and I think its one that I wont forget in a while.You and your mate were well funny Take care hunny and hopefully see ya real soon xxxx
  9. lambo mk4

    Yeah defo hun,it wont be this months as its my mums birthday but will defo make it over winter.I love your meet its really chilled cool ppl there and cool pub!!
  10. lambo mk4

    Mad man!! Sorry hun but I am spoken for,thanks for the offer tho
  11. lambo mk4

    I am a care assistant mate and I struggle to do things like this to my car.Dont do holidays just modify lol!! 1 set of rims were bought from Tim Cahill or someone like that......I hate football
  12. lambo mk4

    Seats were bought direct from lamborghini,1 set of wheels off ebay and the other set bought from a footballer
  13. Edition 38 thank you thread

    Just wanted to say a BIG HUGE THANKYOU to all of the e38 crew for my stunning trophies and for putting on such a brilliant top notch show.Gonna treasure my trophies for ever was so happy to win anything at such a big show but to win 3 just blew me away!!Thanks again you guys your show is the best Roll on 2010 xxx
  14. detailed e 38 pics

    Thankyou,some great wins for grounded too!!