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  1. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    I'm selling my steering wheel if you need it
  2. G60 Alpine White Mk2 Golf

    Thats a very, very clean car mate
  3. Oil feed lines

    For what engine and charger matey? For my return line I used a universal banjo
  4. Stonor Invisible Glass

    Video annoyed me Does it remove other glass sealants? I'm a huge fan of carlack glass sealant and its effortless cleaning after that.
  5. Ashley's post. Nail on head. Personally don't touch cars anymore. You should look into boats and aircraft also. At the rate of car detailers popping up you are better off being a middle man and let some other guy do all the hard work for peanuts. (Just saying)
  6. LHD G60 build by CSM

    Love the engine bay finish.
  7. Gabi the BBM MK2 golf gti 8v

    Few different BBM shades but definitely repainted in BBM just by the pictures. Did the lighting inside do it any justice? Don't know! That's our old car so know it very well with LP5U on the boot sticker. Matty has done a great job refreshing it so credit where it's due. It's a very clean car
  8. No C spanner

    Tap as above then a rope type oil filter wrench.
  9. G60 content

  10. Lhd car mats

    Speak to user: 3-G. Our friend Guido. Has good quality LHD sets in stock.
  11. Watching this one. How easily did the crank drill? My next job. Also have you still got the TT back bumper?
  12. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Strong work James. Must have been an enthusiast in the engine design team for sure.
  13. G60 turbo not injecting fuel

    Has a similar situation but with a stock g60 with earthing issues. No fuel and no spark in my case. New ecu resolved it.