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  1. Arch Rolling Kent

    a bit too far though, they are in west yorkshire
  2. Lip Rolling in West Yorkshire?

    that would be me
  3. My looow caddy

    sent you a pm ray! the caddy looks terrible . . . when can i come and take it off your hands
  4. arch roller

    got one blackburn and halifax
  5. price on arch rolling

    £25 per arch
  6. Banding wheels sort of

    yes its possible but would have to be a steel wheel
  7. Mk2, strip down, re paint and R32 swap

    Did you get it off a guy in penistone by any chance, the number plate looks familiar.
  8. Arch rolling

    if your rolling the mk2 rear arches they are doing skinned and will take time to get them to roll flat. the arch spats wont stay on long with double sided tape either when they get wet, you will have to use tiger seal to stick them on so they dont come off.
  9. when did you email them? I know they have been really busy but replying within 24 hours of the emails
  10. Arch rolling

    have you tried http://www.thespeedfactory.co.uk/ there only in chorley
  11. Rolling road vw specialists in Yorkshire.

    I dont know of one over in yorkshire but can recommend "the Speed Factory" over in chorley in the north west. If you need the details i can drop them over to you.
  12. wider steels - but not banded

    Yes its possible as long as they can check they run true but it takes time to move them. Most wheel centres are pushed in to place and the weld is just there to hold them in place
  13. My Grey MK4 1.8T

    Chris was telling me about these last night. The car looks mint!!
  14. MK3 Golf VR6

    They were vento lights on there, i still have the ones you sold me in the garage fella. Mike please reply to my PM,i have been trying to get hold of you. Thanks
  15. MK3 Golf VR6

    The arches will take 16" x 9.5" wide steels or 15" x 9" all round I still have a pair of 15" x 9" ones all you would need is a pair of standard steels. I still have a standard rear bumper if you want it when you come up in a few weeks mike?