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  1. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    Car is looking fantastic dude. I do have a new oem wing piece in my garage but not sure which side. If you are interested
  2. 1982 Mk1 Golf Van

    Nice van dude. I have the mk2 version. Love them
  3. My T5

    Very nice looking van. Wheels look ace
  4. Very nice dude. Looking really nice.
  5. wondered what had happened to this.
  6. SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    Lovely video. Lovely car. Lovely scenery. what's the tune btw.
  7. MRpix Smoothed bay MK3 VR6

    Nice car . Had this car round at my place before. A lot of great effort went in to this. Glad it went to a good owner . Also glad to hear you are able to do things again aswell as walk.
  8. Black 225 TT Coupe

    Very nice Daz. That's just what mine could do with. Bumper bonnet and wings painting
  9. I've had about 5 done at top gear. No complaints with any of them. Think it was a few years ago when they spent more time fooling around than actually doing the job but a different guy took over and improved it.
  10. Audi TT 225 Quattro

    Looks fantastic kyle. Well done on getting runner up award.
  11. My 76 Mk1 Polo

    Exellent car and great work too. Yes the 16v on cars will definatley bring it to life I can assure you.
  12. Nice car buddy. Looks a nice clean one. Had mine nearly a year and love it.
  13. Cracking mk3. Great work Rob.
  14. Black 225 TT Coupe

    Looking very nice dude. Some nice touches.