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  1. Anyone built DIY car ramps?

    I work on the railway so it wasnt hard
  2. Anyone built DIY car ramps?

    I got a wooden railway sleeper, cut it into two 2ft pieces then cut an incline onto each piece, works perfectly getting the car upto the right height for a jack.
  3. Golf VR6 Syncro

    Shame about the owner
  4. Clutch goes straight to the floor...

    I will be keeping a close eye on it for leaks, I had the Clutch and Slave done several months ago so I cant really go back now.
  5. Clutch goes straight to the floor...

    Sorted, just had to top up with fluid
  6. Clutch goes straight to the floor...

    Just had another look, that white plastic clip is still in the pedal... I never had the master fitted, I had a new slave done. As you push the pedal down, the metal claw piece moves towards the driver but doesnt seem to do anything else, ive had a look round on VR6OC and they talk about a small metal piece snapping off but I cant see anything wrong with mine. Waiting on some pics of my brothers working clutch.
  7. Clutch goes straight to the floor...

    Cheers for that... had a look but cant see much Did you find any physical parts that had snapped off? I noticed on the pedeal there is 2 holes and above that, there is another part with 2 claws on it, should these fit in the holes? Im stumped, need to look at a working one.
  8. Went out to my Mk3 Golf VR6 this morning, tried to get it into gear but Clutch pedal just went straight to the floor and would not come back up unless I pulled it up with my foot. I had the Clutch and Slave Cylinder replaced not so long ago and havent had any issues with it, the weird thing is I drove the car on Tuesday and it was fine, got home parked up, and now this... Any ideas of what it could be? What I should look for? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. Golf VR6 Syncro

    Very Nice!
  10. VR6 Cutting Out

    Help... My VR6 has started to cut out when im slowing down, it only happens when the air-con is on... Any ideas what it could be? Cheers
  11. Golf VR6 Syncro

  12. Catalytic Converter

    Why the change of mind?
  13. Oil Sump...

    Im currently replacing my Wishbones on my VR6 but on the drivers side a bolt holding it on requires the sump to be removed before it can be removed, as I have to take it off I was thinking I might as well replace this too... Any idea where I can buy a new one? Ive looked all over and searched google but can only find 1 site on ebay, but I would like to compare prices before committing. Cheers
  14. R36 Rallye - for 2009.....

    Just out of interest... How much does this conversion all in cost?
  15. Golf VR6 Syncro

    I've been in this, absolutely mental!!! Are we still on for our custom exhaust system?