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  1. Princess ANN

    next time when you drain the oil fill it back up with a flushing oil and run the engine for 20 minutes before replacing that will normal oil. The flushing oil goes in like honey and comes out blacker that Ricky gervais' beard.
  2. I take my cars to Chris also, top bloke and usually has interesting cars in his garage. What stone chip product did you use?
  3. T5 Day/Surf/Festival van

    I once saw Han Solo's house floating in the local park, love shrooms.
  4. Block cleaning

    gunk decreased is good, wear gloves as it made the skin on my hands look like zombie skin
  5. Mk4 golf v6 coolant leak

    coolant hose flange?
  6. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    What next?
  7. I bought some textured spray paint which looked really good but if you pressed against the bumper you'd crush the texture surface. They are tons of textured spray paints on ebay you could try, there may be a decent one out there. May go and ask a bodyshop.
  8. A4 B6 salvage

    Did you get the house?
  9. I clean my wheels every week so am looking for a decent product what doesn't cost loads or I can buy in litre quantities rather than just the 75ml spray bottles. All my wheels are a little bit curbed so I don't want anything so harsh is causes the paint to flake off.
  10. Thanks chaps, megs endurance stuff bought.
  11. do you need them to work good from cold?
  12. Hi, I'm after a durable high gloss finish tyre dressing. I have tried Auto Finesse gloss tyre dressing amongst others but it seems to leave the tyres with a patchy finish. What have you used that's good?
  13. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    that beer looks proper Scottish