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  1. Blood Brothers

    And to think I sanded a the tornado red off my MK2 for another colour
  2. Mk2 Golf GTI

    Oh hello
  3. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Pretty sure those are g23 adapters. And don't think their quality can be called into question. Agree with the above obviously you've bought cheap and it's backfired. Loads of people run good quality adapters and haven't had the problems you have had
  4. Project A1NGRY - 2011 Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

    What you going do about lack of power ?
  5. Welding the mk2 golf gti chassis near fuel lines

    Nah it's fine feeding them up in. They are hard plastic and really there is only one way to. Honestly can't remember how they are done in the MK2 engine as I have mine done to MK4 fuel pipes in the bay but you make sure you use proper fuel clamps and not jubilee clips
  6. Welding the mk2 golf gti chassis near fuel lines

    Yea sure you can disconnect them and pull them out as i installed mk 3 ones. Just buy some new fuel clamps when you come to reconnect them
  7. Looks great!! Would you do me a favour and let me know where vw stamp marks are on the wings?
  8. Clutch help on 1.8t

    Gas will still still escape if it's loose
  9. Glue

  10. Budget Tyres

    Never will I put toyos proxies on my car. Had them on a bog standard mk6 GT TDI and wore out in about 10k miles.
  11. Budget Tyres

    Just put on 19inch tyres in my Audi. Radial f105s 70 quid each fitted on the front. So far haven't noticed any difference between the mich pilot sports I had on before. And half the price
  12. Glue

    Will do the trick for me then hahaha cheers!
  13. Glue

    Wil it hold together and never come apart lol
  14. Glue

    Need a super strong never coming apart glue to bond metal to plastic(car bumper plastic) advise meee
  15. Clutch number

    Hmm hopefully someone can help Part number off clutch 038 141 032 E Could anyone confirm it this will fit an 02j box from an agu engine