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  1. MK2 Golf Power Steering Delete

    Hi Mate, Thanks for the info. By knuckle you mean the U-Joint?
  2. Has any one converted from Power steering to Manual on a mk2 golf? My power steering rack has gone and with tidying up the bay, I thought switching to a manual option might be good so I can lose the pump and lines. However, I am unsure if its actually that cost effective, compared to just replacing the current power steering rack and keeping the lines and reservoir. I understand I'd need a new Manual rack, boots, both left and right tie rod ends. Would I also need a new steering shaft?
  3. Speak to SRR. https://www.srrhardware.com/ Their service is amazing and their kit is fantastic
  4. Car: b6 2.0tdi Passat Engine code: BKP I need to replace Cylinder 1 Glow Plug due to engine light being on. Turns out the Plugs are under the Rocker Cover. No issue there. However will I need to place the rocker cover gasket? Or will sealant on the corners be okay if I am reusing the Gasket?
  5. Can't say it would be OEM with how much it cost. It wasn't cheap but I know OEM shaft alone around around £300. It might have been GKN. Then again even if it was cheap, surely it would last more than a day. Unless they didn't fit it correctly or the length was wrong
  6. Car is low. By its been low for the year I’ve had it and it’s never been an issue. The garage just called and said the shaft they just replaced has gone again. It’s either a defective part or somethhng else is causing it to fail. GB mount and dog bone mount is ok. No play that could cause excessive movement
  7. They’re is no noise from what I can tell. This time it feels like it’s the drivers side. Vibration is through the whole car, and I can feel it though the pedals when driving. Haven’t tested it when cornerinh but it is worse when accelerating. I’m not sure it that because of the speed increase or id the problem is due to accelerating
  8. Car; mk4 GTI. 3 months ago I replaced my o/s driveshaft and both CV joints due to excessive vibration through the car. Problem solved. Yesturday, after the problem returned, the n/s shaft was also replaced. Problem seemed to have gone until driving home today. Vibration is back and it feels like I’m driving on a cobbled road. Wheels were here not long balenced, trying the find the initial fault a few months ago. What could I ask the garage to check tomorrow? - engine mounts. - dog bone mount - wheel bearings This definitely feels like a drive train issue I really hope it’s not the GB or Diff as I’m broke and losing my patience with this constant issue
  9. Muggers mk2 jetta coupe

    Big bumper is the way forward. They suit the line of the car much nicer I think.
  10. Muggers mk2 jetta coupe

    You going small bumper? What engine is going in it
  11. Block cleaning

    I'm not going anything spectacular. Nothing Chrome'd and "swagged" out. Just taking it back to the factory look.
  12. Block cleaning

    I am definitely going down the fairy route Thanks bud
  13. Block cleaning

    What type of brush? Wire brush or something softer?
  14. MK2 Atlas Grey 8v to ABF..

    Mines ticked over 200,000 also. Currently doing the ABF on mine. How has the ABF been for you?
  15. Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Holyhell you're going to town on this.