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  1. mk2 jetta boot leak

    Mine gets water in the boot, I sorted the rear lights, but it was still letting water in, which was I believe from the sunroof rear drain tubes, which travel down the C pillars to exit behind the rear wheels. Its on the list to drop the headlining and investigate further, but as it hasn`t been outside in about 3-4 years, its currently nice and dry and that job is a way down the list.....
  2. Nightmare!! I caught a monkey at a local tyre place, just as he was about to do the exact same thing on my old b3 wagon, he got a bit upset when I said `WTF are you doing, don`t you Fkin dare jack that like that`. Got to watch these goons, they couldn`t care less about our cars. Hope it turns into a positive and not a jinx.
  3. Either, the common denominator is cars that use 02a gearboxes and mk2 golf type subframes, so 4cyl corrado`s and 4 cyl Passat b3`s can provide both the rear bracket and the front bracket.
  4. This! My 16v mk2 track car is under 900kg running 186bhp on 280's with ds2500. It's a great set up, but I wouldn't want any less braking power or heat dissipation than I have, you'll have a good 40+ bhp and lots more torque, in my opinion 280's with proper pads would be the bare minimum for that car.
  5. Mk2 Golf Track Build

    Little, post so I can find it again
  6. Scrappage survivor.

    Hey Chris, Have a look here http://www.clubgti.com/showthread.php?219775-Fusebox-FAQ Will tell you what relays you need and where they go.
  7. Mk2 Golf Track Build

    Some of the goodies I ordered turned up today, Didn`t have time to do anything this eve, but these bits should help me finish the feed and return for the expansion tank, the vac lines and the fuel lines. Have got the loom mostly plugged into the engine now. Its only occurred to me in the last few days that I have neglected to make a plan for mounting the map sensor!!! So far a brief search has thrown up the forge map T piece, or the bits that darkside offer, which are a bit expensive imho.
  8. Will this fuel pump work?

    That looks like an 8v digifant fuel pump, so the short answer is no. You need to use something from a model that used kjet injection, which runs high pressure. Think I saw a wanted ad you have up, I might have a housing for a mk2 16v gti (k-jet) fuel pump.
  9. Mk2 Exaust Advice

    Most try to use an Ibiza mk2 abf airbox or a mk2 golf td airbox for mk2 golf abfs on motronic.
  10. Mk2 Exaust Advice

    I've got a 2.5" single box supersprint on my mk2 16v Abf/kjet track car, it gets me v close to and over the noise limits at trackdays, the back up exhaust is a 3 box magnex which is much quieter.
  11. 4bar fuel pump

    Think your looking for early mk3 Vr, later ones went to 3bar, don't know if the likes of Leon cupra r or s3 ran 4bar pumps, but a mk4 platform pump will go on a mk3 tank.
  12. Any pics of it finished, or at edition over the weekend?
  13. 1.9tdi to 2.0tdi?

    Sounds interesting, let us know how you get on....
  14. Help please

    This Just used a b4 one modded to fit in my mk2 conversion
  15. Mk2 Golf Track Build

    Had a go at the return cooler, wanted to use the oe Ibiza one, but its really quite long, so I needed to gain a little something from somewhere. A bit better, and it`ll, just, fit like this, (although after fitting it I`ve since seen that the mk4 130 cooler looks shorter and wider so will be looking into that), So I made a start on adapting the lines, using a combination of the oe Ibiza clip ends, 6mm hose tail joiners and 6mm fuel hose. It was hard to get the cam to focus underneath the car in low light with the flash off, with the flash on everything was just white/waay overexposed, all connected, one end tab mounted on post for the oe mk2 fuel pump, and then a very crude strap type bracket run across from another down to the middle exhaust hanger post,rubber mounted as well. I will be re doing this in ally strap for a better job, if this cooler stays. Roughly how the bay stands, started running some of the inlet an ic piping, a quick look at the coolant hoses and fuel filter mounting, then onto the servo vac hose. Started with vac hoses from a, carb mk2, a td mk3 and the Ibiza tdi one, forget the mk3 one, I cut the mk2 and Ibiza ones and used an extra non return to join the two. All these small jobs have thrown up a bit of a shopping list to get things finished to a decent standard, so on the way is some black silicone 5mm vac line, some 12mm coolant hose, some 8mm coolant hose, some more 6mm brass hose tails, a vag group fuel cooler I hope to use for the front set up, and a bit of a treat for me, a bench mounted tube swager to help with the boost pipes.