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  1. BMW M3 Ceramic Pro

    Pure lovelyness. Epic mate.
  2. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    Couldnt cope with thr silver bits going on to the red
  3. Hi guys, After a Wet Vac.. which one should i be buying? Thanks in advance Nick
  4. Recommned a tyre dressing

    Just bought this and I agree. Great stuff.
  5. DAB aerials

    Dabbing on these hoes
  6. Lancia Delta Integrale

  7. Nick H’s - Sherbert VRS

    I 'work from home' 2-3 days per week, so it helps! I tink you may have mentioned it before LOLOL
  8. Nick H’s - Sherbert VRS

    Today i gave the Fabia a wash, qd, and wax for protection. Quick pre-rinse Snow foam with Valet Pro PH Snow Foam 2 bucket method with Valet Pro concentrated car wash Quick detailed with MadCow Ultra Violet Waxed using Auto Finesse Radiance Wheels cleaned with Billberry Wheel Cleaner Tyres treated with Megs Endurance Glass cleaned with 3M Glass Cleaner Tailpipe treated with Autosol metal polish Lovely.
  9. Nick H’s - Sherbert VRS

    Cheers mate. Nice of you to say. Thinking of a cupra splitter next, and a potential grill wrap (black)
  10. Nick H’s - Sherbert VRS

    Thanks buddy! They look alright dont they Here's one more:
  11. Nick H’s - Sherbert VRS

    A nice update for today I have finally had the new tyres put on the spiders, and they're now on the car at last. Specs: Alloys: Octavis VRS 'Spider' 7x17", finished in light grey anthracite Tyres: 205/40/17 Rotella S-Pace with rim protection Next on the list is a cupra splitter Thanks
  12. Revo Tuned Golf GTI

    Looks great that. Especially on the bronze wheels. Smart as.
  13. Nick H’s - Sherbert VRS

    Little update Since the weather has took a turn for the worst, I've had the Fabia in the garage. I've done a full 2 stage machine polish under some lights to make sure all defects have been removed. The brake calipers have also been refurbished, and painted in high-temp original VRS Green, in preperation for the new wheels. Tidy.
  14. Same process as paint unless badly marked then they'll be wet sanded first.
  15. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Bloody ell! I bet you were going mad! lol