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  1. Hi guys. Recommendations on the best pre-wash to help remove dirt on the paintwork prior to snow foaming, jet washing etc Thanks in advance Nick
  2. Double din with dab

  3. BMW M3 Ceramic Pro

    Pure lovelyness. Epic mate.
  4. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    Couldnt cope with thr silver bits going on to the red
  5. Hi guys, After a Wet Vac.. which one should i be buying? Thanks in advance Nick
  6. Recommned a tyre dressing

    Just bought this and I agree. Great stuff.
  7. DAB aerials

    Dabbing on these hoes
  8. Revo Tuned Golf GTI

    Looks great that. Especially on the bronze wheels. Smart as.
  9. Same process as paint unless badly marked then they'll be wet sanded first.
  10. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Bloody ell! I bet you were going mad! lol
  11. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Thats odd. Concrete floor has been painted for over 10 years with minimal wear and never has any got on the tyres.
  12. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Yeah I have had this problem in the past. Had tiles down in the garage, and they slowly became more wet and very dirty. Ripped them up. Painted the flooring and bought a kneeling cushion/pad. The floor can be swept and not hoovered now
  13. DAB aerials