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  1. Polo T

    Excellent work mate,you must have the patience of a saint!
  2. MK2 GTD - Indirect & Intercooled Goodness

    NIce to see another gtd on here,how many miles has it done mate?
  3. NOT IMPRESSED - just gone to use a unopened bottle of Meguiars Tech wax spray to find its completely separated and useless!! will not mix even after a good shake. I wouldn't have minded but its only a month old (bought from Halfrauds in July!) and has been kept indoors in a cool cupboard. Second time this has happened - anyone else had this issue? Do you reckon I should contact Meguiars?
  4. 02a gearbox difficult gear shift

    Check the front engine mount isn't on its way out mate.
  5. New Plugs G60 Loom

    Try www.polevolt.co.uk i used them when i repaired my old loom.
  6. 02a cable adjustment help

    Cheers steveo30,that worked a treat at holding the linkage in place for adjustment.Slick gear change now
  7. Jonnymooshoo's MK4 R32 Turbo

    Same as the rest..great video and amazing car!top work fella
  8. 02a cable adjustment help

    Cool,will give that a go.
  9. 02a cable adjustment help

    Anyone know the best way to adjust the linkage cables on a 02a code gearbox,just fitted a CTN gearbox to my g60 and finding it a bit hard to select gears cheers
  10. Atlas Grey 16v 3dr

    Absolutely love this!
  11. Real shame about the rust mate,time to fire up the mig welder i think !
  12. Keep the updates coming fella,great project
  13. Another MK2 golf 1.8T build

    Great work fella

    Cheers mate,thankfully my good friend has been in the car audio game for years,so he knows how to make it look easy!lol Well we had a go at trying to set them up,but found that they need alot of power put through them.The mid bass was lacking somewhat,so we are going to use two amps bridging the channels and bi-amping them.Hopefully that will work They have been trimmed in a thin backed vinyl,which blends in with my 'well used'leather door cards quite well

    All trimmed up and fitted Really chuffed with the way they've turned out