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  1. Jonezy's MK4 Golf TDI

    Finally got around to replacing the rear axle bushes over the weekend. Wasn't as bad a job as i thought it would be, took 3 hours taking it easy and that included re-bleeding the brakes and sorting the sticky handbrake out. Ended up using the Fabia VRS Bushes, rear end feels loads better and the wheels don't bounce oddly on bumps anymore. Only took a couple pictures tho. Face down ass up... IMG_20170916_151532 by Adam Jones, on Flickr The underside of the car could do with a good clean in the future i think... IMG_20170916_111455 by Adam Jones, on Flickr And one with the tool i made for guiding and pressing the bushes in, worked an absolute treat, featuring the Father... IMG_20170916_124832 by Adam Jones, on Flickr Next weekend i will be replacing the front subframe and wishbones with one I've been refurbishing, fitting my 312mm Brake, hubs new, brake hoses, changing the top mounts whilst I'm there and fitting a TT Anti Roll Bar providing it comes in time. Thanks, Jonezy
  2. Simple Stance, 2001 6N2 16v 100bhp

    It always amazes me how much slamming a car transforms how it looks. Nice progress so far mate. Keep the updates coming.
  3. Jonezy's MK4 Golf TDI

    Thanks mate, it's bloody hard to try and find something that hasn't been done to a mk4. Literally everything has been done. I was a bit iffy with when i ordered the rims but as soon as i got them on i knew it was a good choice haha.
  4. Jonezy's MK4 Golf TDI

    Found a little spare time and got my wiper delete kit fit to my smoothed boot lid. IMG_20170819_160133 by Adam Jones, on Flickr Test fit the R32 spoiler as well, needs painting. Hopefully be buying the paint end of the month. IMG_20170819_161505 by Adam Jones, on Flickr Gave the car its first wash in 4 months on Friday as well... IMG_20170908_151048 by Adam Jones, on Flickr IMG_20170908_151102 by Adam Jones, on Flickr IMG_20170908_151119 by Adam Jones, on Flickr IMG_20170908_151131 by Adam Jones, on Flickr IMG_20170908_151219 by Adam Jones, on Flickr IMG_20170908_151142 by Adam Jones, on Flickr IMG_20170908_151153 by Adam Jones, on Flickr Defo in need of a machine polish, my mates going to do it for me just need to get my parts fit. Ignore the uneven heights on the rear end as well, i think its due to the uneven ground its parked on and the fact my rear beam bushses are shot. If i park on even ground its nice and level all around. Thanks, Jonezy
  5. Jonezy's MK4 Golf TDI

    Thank you for the kind words mate, mean's a lot. I can't recommend doing the power upgrades i absolutely love the torque this thing, the look on people's faces when they get left behind by a 15 year old Golf is amazing haha. Hopefully have more updates in the next few weeks. House work has took over lately.
  6. Wheel fitment help please 19x9 ET33 on MK7 GTI

    Im taking a guess here but someone ran 19x9 et40 with 225/35/19 on VWVortex and that looks pretty flush. This thread might help a bit... http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7141690-19x9-5-et40-will-it-fit
  7. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    I agree mate, it's good to have lots of different things to do on your project rather than just bolting new parts on. Will feel good at the end when you've finished it knowing you've done everything yourself. I find that is the best way to learn how to do things, just jump in and have a go. You also learn a lot from little mistakes as well.
  8. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Making some nice progress on this mate, these Caddy vans can look really nice. Keep the updates coming
  9. Jonezy's MK4 Golf TDI

    Thanks mate, they look pretty aggressive don't they haha. They're from ExtremeOffsetWheels, not a bad price either.
  10. Jonezy's MK4 Golf TDI

    Not an update, just a couple pictures i took this morning. IMG_20170823_065537 by Adam Jones, on Flickr And some next to a fully standard 50 Shades of Red MK3 at work... IMG_20170823_070500 by Adam Jones, on Flickr IMG_20170823_070506 by Adam Jones, on Flickr IMG_20170823_070520 by Adam Jones, on Flickr Hopefully have some proper updates soon, been busy with fully redecorating the whole house. Thanks, Jonezy
  11. Nick H’s - Sherbert VRS

    Yeah definitely mate, the colour looks so good with the yellow
  12. Nick H’s - Sherbert VRS

    Much better mate
  13. A4 B6 salvage

    That's complete madness. I don't blame you mate, i keep saying this as well but then i see loads of nice MK4's and it makes me want to make mine nice Track car is looking good mate.
  14. A4 B6 salvage

    I think its complete madness what they write a car off for now, i'm assuming it was still fully drive-able. I'd have thought it would have been cat D with it just being a wing and wheels. They must have got a quote for new wheels and a wing direct from Audi
  15. Mk2 Golf GTI 8v

    Some nice cars there mate. Loving the MK2 That colour looks awesome