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  1. BBS RM stripped bolt issue

    Sounds like all is not lost then? Thanks for the advice chaps. Will find an engineering shop to do it for me.
  2. BBS RM stripped bolt issue

    I've just stripped down two of my RMs to rebuild with wider lips. All bolts came undone fine, but upon rebuilding, one bolt is not tightening. It just spins. All other bolts have torqued up fine. My question is, will one bolt stop the wheel from sealing or should I be fine to use a good sealant on the back then get the tyre on? Thanks
  3. Would a coilpack vr6 loom work with a dizzy?

    No, not converting. The only difference I can see is that of the coilpack/distributor. The vr6s used one coilpack instead of a distributor, bolted on in the same place as the distributor would be.
  4. My Corrado VR6 is having some loom issues, so I want to replace with another engine loom. My car is a 92 distributor vr6, but I can't find a loom. I can however find a loom from a later corrado vr6 which has a coilpack instead of the distributor ,Will this be ok ok my engine? Both cars are obd1 Thanks
  5. mk1 and mk2 Gti seat base foams the same?

    I know what you mean. Cheers for the answer rubjonny, as well as my pm regarding g60 ce1 rev counters. Cheers
  6. Early 16v Type19 GTI

    Glad she's gone to a good home. As I said, that exhaust was an emergency fix. Definately not my first choice. I'm missing it already actually, really nice tight little mk2 to drive. Seemed to go really well too. I may have a smaller steering wheel hanging around with boss if any use to you mate?
  7. I've found someone reproducing mk1 Gti front seat base foams. Just wondering if they are the same as early pre 90 spec mk2 Gti front seats? They look the same from the pictures Thanks
  8. Ive got a Jetta Gti engineering special. The bumpers were colour coded by Gti Engineering. The front bumper needs replacing, but Im not sure how to go about painting it. How do I smooth the bumpr itself in prep for paint? The paint part is fine, but not sure on the prep. Thanks
  9. Mk2 GTI 16V metal water pipe

    Excellent news, sure they will be popular How different is this pipe to the 8v one?
  10. BBS RM rebuild in kent

    Sorry, I should have said. I had run a second bead around the first the next day. I will submerge them in water again and double check where air is escaping. Cheers chaps.
  11. BBS RM rebuild in kent

    I've been rebuilding my BBS RMs lately. Two have been built up and hold air fine. The other two have over the space of a week lost most of their air. The two that have stayed inflated have a 1.5" dish, the two that have gone down are standard 0.5" width. I put them together, then ran a bead of sealant aroundt them. Is there anywhere in Kent that could take the tyres off, strip the rim off then start again with building then up for me as I'm stumped? Thanks
  12. mk2 16v injector seals.....how many?

    I'm replacing the injector seals on my kr 16v mk2. I have the thick ones at the top of the injector and and thin ones at the bottom. My question is should there be another seal between the plastic injector housing and the brass insert that screws into the inlet manifold? If there is, is it imperative that it's fitted? Thanks
  13. I've looked through your website, but am unable to find a complete fuel tank level sender hnit for my early 16v mk2 Gti Others are listed, so can you get one? Thanks
  14. mk2 track/back lane thrasher

    Yes, he was in Herne Bay
  15. mk2 track/back lane thrasher

    I think this was worked on by my mate. Did you get this off a chap called Simon? If it's the car I'm thinking of, it went very well and had had quite a bit of money and time thrown at it