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  1. Audi TT 225

    I had a cupra R Front mount intercooler (This is a must even with a stage 1 in my opinion) Miltek cat back Silicone tip and open cone filter from badger 5 with a stage 1 map saw 265bhp Don't bother with a forge 007, just get a new stock item.
  2. Plenty of time man, $hit tho! Have lots of gin to numb the pain!
  3. sorted

    Delete delete!
  4. Haha yes, and the only bloke without a beard... I'll be intoxicated, but friendly. I plan to take my mk2.... if it doesn't have any issues.... it will literally be its first run out after putting it together. If it lets me down I'll take the Mk1.
  5. I shall have to come and say hello! look forward to seeing it. Have you seen the 1233bhp mk2 that's going?
  6. Mk2 Golf GTI 8v

    Wheels look great! Nice colour too!
  7. Shifter looks amazing man, I want one!!
  8. Disconnect them in the engine bay and pull them through from underneath.
  9. 1980 Golf BRN

    Nice one Craig, not seen any updates since I deleted my Instagram, super cool.
  10. Budget Tyres

    What price do vredesteins come out at? I had a set of them on my Saab, they were really good for the money.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391838477758