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  1. 20 Valve Corrado

    Loves a Corrado I do, my ma had one this colour around 1999 when I was 18... loved driving it. Never owned a Corrado, this is beautiful and making me really want one, wheels look the tits too.
  2. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Cheers, man, I've always wanted a G40.... And what better way to have one than in a mk1!!
  3. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    What you fitting? I’m looking forward to it too.... gonna be a while tho I think. Today I fitted more window seals to the mk1 and carried on de chroming the rest of the car. I also made a start on stripping the polo, just shafts and the engine can be pulled. See how much 5h1t you can get done when you don’t go to work.....
  4. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Yeah man, I’m going black bumpers, handles, the lot. Yeah I’m selling them mate, no idea what they’re worth tho?
  5. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Also got some impuls to stick on at a later date. Love these wheels.
  6. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Not a lot done, I’m removing all the chrome from the car, never been a fan. Ive transferred the 256mm brakes and wheels from the polo onto it for now. Currently sitting engineless in the shed.
  7. Ex venom mk3 vr6

    Yeah man, I had a vr in an old mk2.. love the sound! I think I’m the same, reckon I’d really get along with a clean mk3 as a daily.... they’re a really happy medium between too old and too new.
  8. Ex venom mk3 vr6

    Nice motor mate, I'm hankering after a mk3 after years of disliking them. But for goodness sake, charge your phone....... That brings me out in a panic!
  9. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    You know this, that's just a blatant waste of money....
  10. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Thanks man, long road ahead I think, but that's a good thing for me... About time I settled down with a long term car, too old to keep buying around.
  11. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Yes, I read through his build on the mk1oc, it’s still pretty intact in terms of photos. And very comprehensive! Gonna need some help making the mounts I think. Oh and lol at ‘keep the polo’ comment above, as much as I like that shape of polo, errrrm no.
  12. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Cheers dudes, should be pretty straight forward I hope. Next step is remove the G40 and mock it in the mk1 bay to work out how to make the mounts... I believe both sides need making, as nothing fits direct? Only other major purchases will be Charger rebuild, 4 branch, an exhaust, and give the engine a darn good service. In the meantime. I'm upgrading the brakes just to mk1 gti for now, should be plenty good enough, and will be able to run 13's still.
  13. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    How she looks at present, just minus an engine.
  14. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Sold the mk2 I just finished so I’ve now pulled this off the road, and found a nice little G40 conversion to get cracking with. So plan is to tear down the polo and get it into the mk1 over the winter .... if I can be ar5ed
  15. Starting a new thread for this old piece of shiz. Got it a year ago in a sorry state, well more sorry than it’s in now anyway. It’s a bit of a beater but I kinda like em like that. It’s an October 1974, golf L in Senegal red. Had it all welded where necessary, notched, arches rolled etc... then slammed it on 13’s and ran it like this for summer