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  1. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Well I was gonna paint it and tart it up a bit...... that was never really gonna happen tho, as I’m just not feminine enough to do that... so I’m refreshing gaskets and o rings etc, I wiped some dirt off too.. fancy!! So ive been mocking bits on to see what I needed to fettle, the charger/engine mount fouled the 4 branch that was apparently for a g40..... yeah ok then... to I tickled it with the angle grinder and all is well. So this week, I’ll hopefully do water pump and cam belt etc and get the engine in. So here is a picture of a sorry looking g40 engine
  2. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    I dunno really, let’s see what it ends up like first.
  3. Love a vr Mk2. I miss mine, it was also a product of the nineties, it was an early mars red car with later doors and big bumpers and a single wiper! Have you considered changing the rear lights to standard items? And putting a genuine grill back on? Azev A’s would suit this, there’s some 17’s on eBay at the moment.
  4. You need to get a smaller phone.
  5. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Same here, but I can’t have everything and the call of a bay window is strong! It’ll go up as soon as it’s running and I’ve ironed out any major issues... aiming for July/August. Ill keep updating this as I go tho.
  6. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    This will be for sale when it’s running, just if anyone was interested? Im moving back to the aircooled fraternity so this needs to go.
  7. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Corrado too, nice!
  8. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Any plans for the swallow this year mate?
  9. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Put the rear coils on, I strangely get the love back when I lower old junkers.
  10. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    I’ve still got this heap of s*** engine mounts are done, and gonna start mocking it all in before ripping it all out again to clean and paint stuff, don’t get me wrong, I’m not making it mint, think more rolling a turd in glitter Its not moved since December... I’ve been in the man shed about 5 times... lost the love.
  11. BMW E30 Cabriolet

    Nice motor, it’s sitting like it doesn’t have an engine.
  12. Yellow mk1 golf cab

    Pretty sure that’s factory Lagos Yellow. Lovely looking little mk1!
  13. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Not as yet mate no, probably splits of some sort.
  14. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Selling these if anyone wants em, 1000ono, I can ship them too.
  15. I always wondered what the back of one of those looked like.