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  1. Mk2 VR6 Project - Catharsis

    Wheels are looking good
  2. Dry's Jetta

    I aint doin nuffin son
  3. Dry's Jetta

    drylunch posted this doctor-stance liked this fenrich liked this
  4. Harder then big daddy and cooler then penguin pee.
  5. RetroFreshnes - 1986 mk2 GTI - White On White

    Got some pics at that pembrey show Didn't catch you for a chat though
  6. Dry's Jetta

    Damn beat me too it, Gutted about the thieving scum though
  7. mk1 Jetta - Retro Booty

    If your mk2 is anything to go by this is going to be killer.
  8. Mk2 Golf 1.3 - My Baby ^_^

    This will be sick with a vr, I've always wanted a VR mk2, ABF is pretty good though I must say
  9. dope Ha I know that feeling, I one took one of their photographers on a shoot in my old stage 2 G60 he loved it though haha
  10. On the Howies T comment? Not must to say was shocked to see it, I've worked for them in the past and am good friends with a lot of the people there. Its funny to see there stuff crop up in funny places.
  11. Drys lets all talk crap thread

    Megalolz ... and this car is pretty much perfect
  12. My Schwartz metalic mk2

    Lovely stuff, black metallic love!
  13. Project RockaFella

    Yeah I googled cheetara and thought it better I not post one Back on topic the rocco is a stunner mind