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  1. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    never mind! ive sorted it haha Heres a few pictures guys Even though its dusty as hell, That reflection! Its got a booty!! Cannot wait to get it home and start fitting stuff up! currently having so many things being deeply cleaned and detailed before fitting! Up until next time guys D
  2. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    ahh nice one jamie! ive just stupidly realised i was using imgur haha! Thank you!
  3. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Hey guys, Not much has been going on over the last week, just been busy prepping little bits up for paint and getting my place sorted ready to bring the golf home and sorting some contacts for stuff to be done! , Ive finally had the call from the trimmers for my seats so looking forward to the weekend to pick them up, nothing to fancy as i really liked the oem look of the mk3 recaros and they also fit so well with the mk2 interior! Sorted the roof to be retrimmed to! which was a massive relief so that goes off at the end of the month! as well as my wheels to be powder coated. all the door hardware such as the latches and striker pins, are all dropped off to be chromed and all the fixing bolts to be coppered I would upload some pictures of the golf now it has its panels bolted on but ive ran out of attachment space? not sure what to do or how to upload pictures now, i know its a nooby thing to say but i dont get all this thread stuff Help me out guys cheers D
  4. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    YAY!! my garage is finally cleared and ready for the shell to come home! just a few last little bits to sort before i load it up for its journey home! Got a few pictures off the last bits painted! won't be long now before im bolting things back up and sorting other stuff out!! Tailgate hinges and bolts, and door bolts all getting the same treatment Smooth tailgate trim Grill trim and hinges! all got the same treatment as the car! flatting down door hinges..... must be mad! certainly pays off, terrible picture i know! My good friend always wants to come in the oven with me and see what im doing! I hate it normally but he gets good shots lol Clearing up the hinges Grill trim Thats it guys! another small update but never the less something else for you to see! Not sure what the next update will bring but ill be back soon! Stay lucky D
  5. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Hey guys! Just a quick update as i haven't done much apart from tidy up and getting my garage at home ready to bring the shell home! Anyways heres some pictures of the last few evenings this week hope you enjoy I decided i wanted to quickly build up to of the wheels ive been messing around with before i refurb them and get them ready many hours have gone into the lips being polished by myself but i will do an update on the wheels later on! would be rude not to take them to work for a test fit well they looked better than i thought! can't quite see the real fitment yet as theres no real weight! but im hoping they'll be spot on! hope you guys like this update! ill be back soon but really need to sort my garage out and do a few bits so i can bring it home! D
  6. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Thankyou for your comments and appreciation guys! Had to go down to the golf today to de mask and get everything out the ovens ready for work on monday so heres a few shots from this morning! Morning gorgeous! Decided to put the wings on, dangerous i know but! i chanced it Rolled her out into the sunshine for the first time in her new coat! Sunshine couldn't of came at a better time! the minute i rolled up the shutter it came through the clouds! Stood back and took it all in! very proud!
  7. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Paint update! As promised, im back with the turning point for me in this whole build! i cannot describe the feeling today! only realising the boyhood dream came true for me today! so heres the update you guys have been patiently waiting for! Thats the ovens loaded up, 3 ovens for the win! Time to get some colour on..... And thats the update ive been waiting so long to write! A huge huge turning point for me! and it only gets better from here! it hit me personally today opening to doors and realising how much hard work and graft has gone into the shell to achieve something ive wanted for so long! a kid at christmas can only explain the feeling today! absolutely ecstatic and proud of what ive achieved and to see all my hard work finally pay off! from the day i picked the shell up and stripping all the paint and sealer, to rebuilding the floor structure, rust removal, filler stages, smooth bay, prep and now paint ive kept on going to finally get to today! its been a hard struggle and very unforgiving at times! but none the less we made it! roll on the rebuild stage! Really looking forward to stripping down the last bits for cleaning and rebuild before starting to bolt things back up on the shell! Hope you guys enjoy the update be back soon Be lucky D
  8. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    @Cookie4343 I didn’t keep the measurements dude, but they probably wouldn’t be the same as mine anyway, I’m glad it’s helping you out! If you get stuck feel free to message me! Yes i made sure throughout the process I was constantly checking panel gaps and measurements cheers D
  9. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Back in with another update! getting extremely close now!! Anyways heres some pictures of tonights work! both doors are now blocked down and the seams sealed, just got to clean and rub down the shuts of the doors. Forgot to get some snaps of the other side lol Got all the rear seams washed in with sealer to! and the rear panel seams! So that leaves me with stone chipping the sills, scotching up the door shuts, and the tailgate and were ready to roll into the oven! Its been a long time coming and boy am i excited! but i can't say I'm not nervous! its a flipping big job ive took on and only time will tell! To think back of all the hard work ive put in since the beginning of the build and not knowing exactly where i was going and what the best way was to go about some of the jobs ive done its crazy to think that im so close to finally seeing what ive achieved and always thought about! I hope you guys are enjoying the updates and reading my thread as i am updating and writing it up! Until next time.... D
  10. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Blocking it over with 320, and then a good 500 to take out the scratches chris
  11. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Back in with another update from todays progress! Managed to get so much done today which is great! not much left to do before the big day so here goes! Half way through the quarter, same process blocking back the primer, before finishing off ready for paint Even the door shuts get a 'blocking' good going over Quarter all done and ready to be painted, must rummage through my bits and find that filler cap! Finish today up with the roof and scuttle panel then, That primer shine! Lower scuttle panel shot! blocked and flatted down to finish today up! literally only have the doors left to do and the small repairs on the tailgate to prep and its ready to be blown off and rolled into the oven to be masked up and get shot! Getting very excited knowing the days coming fast to shoot some colour over it. Ill be back in the week with some updates! Until then Stay lucky! D
  12. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Its coming around mate! getting a full day on it today! so hopefully see some good progress!
  13. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Im back!! Thankyou everyone for your comments! yes it is certainly a labour of love! ive been ready to throw to towel in a few times! but the end picture in my mind is what keeps me going! no corners cut what so ever! i do this for a living so it has to be right! ive even been known to re do things because there not quite right even thought everyone tells me its perfectly fine! ive probably gone over board with things at times but it has to be how i picture it otherwise its not worth doing! Anyway!! im back with an update, I pulled the ol'girl out for the first time in months yesterday and started getting some bits done, i decided after reading back through this thread that i wanted to make time to get back on with the build and hopefully get it painted as soon as, so i started flatting down the primer on the shell yesterday evening rolled her in, got a snap and started flatting down the n/s quarter lines look straight and even!! Rear quarter and door shut done! time to go home and start the rear panel tomorrow! ok so cup of tea, full shift at work and then a few hours on the golf tonight! managed to sort the last few little bits out on the quarter and then moved onto the rear panel, i didn't get any before pictures but who wants to see those lol who loves a smooth rear panel huh? No badges here Right then! thats you guys back up to date with me now! unfortunately i won't get to play with the golf until the weekend now, but im going to hopefully get most of the other side and roof done before unbolting the doors and tailgates to finish up before, stonechip, joint sealer and then some colour! hope you enjoy the very late and very short update but im back and hoping to get stuck right back in like before! until next time guys Peace D
  14. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Hey guys! i thought id tune in just to say i apologies on the lack of updates lately! i just haven't had time to get anytime spent on the golf! its still sat in primer waiting to be prepped for some colour! but i promise to be back before christmas with some juicy updates and pictures! i should now have time to crack back on and get some stuff done! Again thank you for all your views and kind comments! D
  15. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Hey guys! thanks for the kind comments! Im really struggling to get any time on the golf at the minute with so much going on! but I'm hoping to get back on it solid again over the next few weeks and hopefully get some more colour going on! Kev the mk2 your on about i know the one and mine was very similar! I'm sure theres a video on youtube of the one you mean! but no its not my one! Thanks guys! Stay with me D