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  1. Tornado Red Mk2 Golf Vr6

    Good to see Skez's old car again! Any updates on this?
  2. Removing foundation

    Some make up remover perhaps?
  3. Help help help engine swap

    As Others have said...You never build something you can buy! If you want to VR or 16V it, just buy one, Mk3's are cheap enough at the mo. Or think about 1.8T'ing it
  4. Mk2 Gti 16V The keeper !

    Well it's not rusty in the Usual Mk2 places, so thats good Also still has the Original 16V grill badge, I'd take this off & hide it lol, last one I sold on ebay did about £75
  5. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    See I don't like the Std Fabia vRS Alloys, look awful in comparison to the Octy Ones. Dunno why skoda just didn't lift the 16" ones from the Octy Have you checked what Turbo your has? Hopefully it'll be a Garrett, if its a KKK, I'd budget for the thing going pop, Ours went twice and I know of several other KKK equipped PD130's that have suffered the same fate. The 2nd time it blew it was the day before the car was being part Ex'd, I think it was trying to tell us something We had ours serviced every year at a Skoda Main dealer too, the KKK's are just 5h1t apparently!
  6. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    I know someone above mentioned the Octy Spider 17's as they look loads better than the std Fabia 16's. Mainly due to the smaller centre etc. I fitted some 17" TT comps onto my Fabia vRS and I know exactly what you are on about handling wise, they also properly dented the acceleration, most likely as they seem to be forged by Satan himself in the depths of hell and made with the remains of melted down VR6 blocks.....they are properly heavy! What I'm trying to say is look out for the 16" Octy Spiders that they fitted to the Estate Octy vRS, they look just like the 17's but in the right diameter to not affect handling and look loads better than the chunky monkey Fabia ones. Just a thought Nice vRS BTW, was never a fan of the yellow ones, the yellow was too pale IMHO, yours looks nice though
  7. Tdi question modding

    Put Reg into one of the Reg Checkers, should give you the BHP etc
  8. Tdi question modding

    could even be an AFN 110bhp lump i guess
  9. Tdi question modding

    well it has intercooler pipework, so its deffo a TDi looks like a 1Z or AHU 90bhp lump
  10. Vagcom where to buy

    But if you want one that actually works...... it has to be RossTech! http://www.ross-tech.com/
  11. Mid range trye choice...

    I run Vred Spotrac 5's on my Rallye, They are awesome, great in the dry, supreme in the wet! Really reasonably priced! The Rainsport 3's have a queer tread pattern, get very hit & miss reviews, whereas everyone I know with Vreds rates them really high!
  12. Mk2 1.8T (auq) firing up trouble

    I'm guessing it wasn't a genuine Bosch one? Never flip about with pattern parts, buy cheap, you buy twice
  13. Immobiliser Query

    Or you can get the Immobiliser turned off, go see Andy at ACR mate, he'll sort it
  14. 1.8t g60 flywheel vr6 clutch conversion question

    Soo, you can get a Flywheel from a G60/ABF for £20-£30 from a scrappy VR6 Sachs clutch kit is £99 from Euro, even less sometimes when they have an offer on. You can get a local engineering company to lighten the flywheel for £100 or so and take more metal out then the Darkside kit. Think mine was roughly 5.5kg when done, you don't want it any lighter really. DIY and save £100 But if you can't be bothered with the chew, then the Darkside kit represents OK value IMHO
  15. Mk2 20v real costs!

    How long is a piece a string? Depends on so many variables its pretty much an impossible question to answer! Which motor you use, Cable Throttle or DBW, Use original box or 1.8T box, do your own loom or buy a loom, buy a complete car and sell the spare bits to recoup costs or buy an engine from a scrappy, Custom FMIC or scrappy FMIC, Hydro Clutch conversion or use Cable clutch etc list can go on and on!