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  1. Offset help

  2. Offset help

    I left this scene a few years back but want to change the rims on my car, I'm getting mixed results on Internet searches and thought I'd check with people that are in the know My current rims are et60 18x8 Ones I want are et40 18x8 I think they would fill my arches 20mm more but some websites say the opposite. I'm confused now. Can anyone help
  3. Ekta part check

    I've signed up to vag cat but the model of the golf shows a jetta. This geezer is really trinb to mug me off about the badge. I don't suppose anyone can search etka and post the diagram of it on here. I used to have etka but can't run it on my mac Thanks
  4. Ekta part check

    Does anyone have the etka diagram with it showing on a golf, they could send me Thanks Kev
  5. Ekta part check

    Cool thanks
  6. Ekta part check

    Mk2 golf? It should be off the old 7 slat grill but someone's trying to pull my pants down and saying its off a scirocco
  7. Ekta part check

    Can anyone check this part for me please 165 853 601/601a
  8. Girling 54 part number

    I have a set of girling 54 calipers and am trying to identify what they fit, the part numbers are not very clear look like 356 071 0291 or 0281 if anyone can help identify them that would be great Thanks
  9. Relay questions

    Sweet I did see that but thought there were maybe more than 1 I can use, thanks John One last question is it a main dealer part?
  10. Relay questions

    So is there only 1 type of relay I replace it with? I'm confused!! Which don't take much these days
  11. Relay questions

    Ah cool found the one to take out but what relay should I use in it's place
  12. Relay questions

    Basically im fitting a boot pop onto the rear wiper stalk and instead of having it as an intermitent wiper setting i read that if i change the relay to one the same as the headlight relay it will convert it. In relay position 2 there's an 80 or 08
  13. Relay questions

    Can anyone tell me where in the fuse board the Rear wiper relay on a mk2 golf is? And also the headlight relay, can I get replacement ones from halfords?
  14. So I've cocked up, taken off my faulty starter motor tried to refit new one (which is the correct one) but I cannot get it to line up. It's as if I should of supported somewhere so it wouldn't of dropped, but i didn't so now cannot get it to line up. Do I need to try lift the engine on a jack, is there a part of the engine best to try the lift? Thanks ;(