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  1. mk4 amplified audio system

    I kinda figured that much, I was asking as I didn't know there was an OE amp
  2. mk4 amplified audio system

    What does an OEM amplified audio system consist of?
  3. Re-fitting an OE head unit

    I cut and reconnected the wires in the right order and all is working as it should be... quite surprising for me!
  4. Re-fitting an OE head unit

    I've just bought a mk4 golf which has a knackered old kenwood head unit, I just want to replace it with the original VW head unit and in dash cd player. I've purchased said OE items from ebay but on taking the kenwood out of the dash I discover a mess of chopped wires and when I plug the VW head unit in it doesnt work There is an ISO adaptor plugged into the orignal ISO plug for a parrot handsfree and then another one plugged into that for the kenwood but even when I remove all that and plug straight into the orignal adaptor it doesnt work. On closer inspection the original ISO plug has been chopped and a different one reconnected in it's place (all the wires coming from the new plug are different colours to the original) and the original 2 red/white power wires aren't connected just the yellow/red I've found a diagram showing which wire should be connected where but can I buy a new plug from somehwere or just reconnect the wires in the right order (but to the worng colours!) and will this mess up the hands free?
  5. Cheers for all the replies, I gave up on the spray cleaner and just bought more AG glass polish... pperfect glass now
  6. I always use AG glass polish as it's the only thing I seem to be able to use on my glass that doesn't go smeary when I use the spray stuff it just looks a mess. It's not rocket science but it's clearly beyond me... I figure I must be using the wrong cloth or something (microfibre) so what does everyone else use?
  7. Engine bay cleaning vr6

    I've jet washed all my mk3 VR6s with no issues at all... just cover the battery, alternator etc
  8. crome!

    For what car?
  9. Split rim sealing stuff

    I got some rather good clear sealant from one of the wheel polishing places on here a few years ago but can't remember who it was or what it was called... so what the best stuff for re-sealing splits?
  10. Chris from France with 3BG Variant...

    Tout le monde aime ta belle voiture mon ami... moi aussi
  11. un E38X video francais

    De rien! Didn't know you were on here, I was just talking to Christophe on Facebook!
  12. un E38X video francais

    Cool E38 video from some French guys we met there this year... There's some good show photos on their facebook page as well
  13. Massive Thank You

    If you were the guys in the corner near PVW who's macchiatos helped keep me going on Sunday and toffee shakes kept my son quiet, then thnks!
  14. Edition 38X

    weird, that link takes you to page 11! try this one http://www.justinminns.co.uk/p1062892924
  15. Edition 38X

    After some issues with a dodgy memory card I've finally managed to salvage something from my E38 shots! Here's a couple of randoms, more on my website