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  1. Yanks @ E38

    I'm sorry. I assumed he meant Matt Crane.
  2. Yanks @ E38

    That's Matt not Mark. Thanks Stephen. I'm sure you guys showed a good time and the video comin from the Wagenwerks will be killer. I knew there was more, just wish I was with them. Hope to see some of you fellas over here at H2O.
  3. Yanks @ E38

    I was hoping to be there again this year, but money sucks right now. I know my boy Chris was there from cbs fame. Just curious what other yanks made the trip this year. I'm sure there was more. Cheers, JC
  4. The ride I wanted to bring...

    yes I was at Dubwars. Thanks! I was able to get it for around $750 US Dollars, but that was through a cheap ticket website. I think the normal airfare was around $1000. Thanks again everyone for the compliments. Maybe I can win the lottery and bring it next year.
  5. The ride I wanted to bring...

    Well Ben, it has about 240 horses right now and hopefully this winter will get closer to 300. Yes they are Merc wheels from a 90 something S class. Thanks everyone for the compliments.
  6. The ride I wanted to bring...

    You may have seen my ugly American arse at the recent 38 show, but here is the ride I wanted to bring. Too bad there is an ocean between us and shipping costs too much. I had a great time and really loved seeing everyone's cars in the flesh.