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  1. Audi S8 D2

    Thanks man - just let me know when is a good time and we'll try and arrange something.
  2. My D2 A8 - the gentleman's cruiser

    £700 is not bad considering 1 new cat from Audi is about £1k I had both cats removed in the end but I'll go back there for sports cats if I need some at a later date. They really took their time making sure everything was right....went on the ramp at 9.30am and came off at 5.00pm. i had a PM from someone here recently who just bought a D2 so hopefully get our numbers up bud
  3. Audi S8 D2

    Cheers mate. I just replied to your thread recommending them. Where you are based? If you're anywhere near Croydon you're more than welcome to have a poke around and have a listen to help you make up you mind.
  4. My D2 A8 - the gentleman's cruiser

    Excellent work so far mate. The new stereo looks super fresh in there if you're planning on getting a stainless exhaust system I'd highly recommend MIJ in Walsall which isn't too far from where you bought your car. I paid £495 all in this Monday for my system and it's perfect. Following this thread as it's great to have another D2 fwend on here
  5. Audi S8 D2

    A few more pictures I managed to grab today
  6. Audi S8 D2

    I had a dual exit exhaust fitted by MIJ exhausts in Walsall today. I had the body shop mould in a twin diffuser from an A4 cabriolet last week and then had twin 3.5" inward tolled pipes fitted today. I love it. I'll try and get better pics tomorrow and maybe a video.
  7. Audi S8 D2

    My first was a 2.8 too - best colour 8 I've seen and was cleaner than both my S8's. It wasn't rapid around town but very capable and still saw 140+ on the motorway easily....or so I heard Get a build thread going bud...doesn't matter how it looks now...it's how it ends up
  8. Audi S8 D2

    Nice one mate. They're great cruisers...not the quickest or most agile but so much road presence and I love the understated looks! I've always wanted one since seeing it debut a motor show when I was a kid.....just a BMW 8 series to get but I think that won't happen as the prices are going through the roof. did you get an A8 or S8? What year and colour?
  9. Audi S8 D2

    Thanks bud I bought this one for an Audi A6 and had the shop who fitted the stereo do a little trimming of the top edges http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/install-adaptors/audi/a6/ct24au18-facia-plate-for-audi Do you have a build thread for yours?
  10. Audi S8 D2

    Thanks pal. I should have a few more updates in the next couple of weeks. teaser pic from the body shop
  11. Audi S8 D2

    Thanks for nice words guys - I was contemplating selling recently because I want another black one but I keep doing little bits to it so I end up keeping it PM replied to Resolutionary
  12. Audi S8 D2

    Little update. I've been meaning to upgrade all of my interior lights to LED's so I bought a kit off Ebay and fitted them last week. The photos in daylight do not really show the full impact but they are a HUGE improvement over the standard bulbs at night. It had every bulb needed except the red door reflectors so I bought 4 more to replace them as well. I replaced 26 bulbs in total...i think?? which is every interior bulb i could find; 2 x sun visors; 2 x front reading lights, 2 x front interior lights, 4 x puddle lights, 4 x red door reflectors lights, 4 x rear interior/reading lights, 4 x footwell lights ( 2 back/2 front), 3 x boot lights.....and 1 glove box light. The glove box light is a pain in the backside!! First I couldn't get to the bulb so i dropped the whole glove box, and then the plastic casing unit broke as I removed it. The plastic legs at the back were so brittle it basically turned to dust! I bought some Sugru and slapped that around the back of the unit - seemed to hold quite well Whilst inspecting the rear lights I realised it wasn't working correctly and was flickering on and off so I picked up a 2nd hand one from Ebay. Old one up top and new one below. Cured the rear light issue +++ White light instead of the usual yellow. I've started collecting LED exterior bulbs now. The plan is to be completely LED except for the mid level rear brake light - I've no idea what bulbs are in there? Also I'm not sure I can actually get LED brake lights as they dual filament bulbs and might throw up an error? Managed to grab a moment this afternoon to fit my parts I've been collecting. US spec rear lights. I love these :love: so subtle but a massive improvement over the two tone Euro spec lights. Euro light US light Managed to lose a fog light grill recently :mad: no idea where or how! Decided to order 2 new ones from TPS +++ and cable ties to protect my purchase . I'll keep the old passenger side one as a spare. Much better! Couple of pictures after a clean.
  13. Audi S8 D2

    I had Muchelins on my old A8 and didn't appreciate how good they were until I tried some budget brands so promised myself no more budgets. I was tempted by the Continentals as the reviews looked good but the sale price tipped the scale in favour of the Michelins. The continentals are stunning looking tyre....I know it's bloody sad to be excited by tire treads and sidewall aesthetics
  14. Audi S8 D2

    Cheers Guys. The wheels defiantly bring the car more up to date. It seems to be getting a lot more attention/nods of approval since fitting them. £700 is good price for four Michelins. 255/35 are normally £1000 at best!
  15. Audi S8 D2

    Little update on a few bits I've managed to cross off my list of things to do. My central locking was not working when pressing the switch on the drivers door but all of the doors were fine when using the key fob so I ordered a switch from from A8 parts which cured my issue +++ I decided to order some chrome door pins from Skoda and fitted them at the same time. Lovely little touch. Unlocked Locked I also wanted to continue making the engine a little more "blingy" so ordered a brand new expansion tank. A shiny dipstick handle and a billet expansion tank cap...very weighty. All fitted. The light outside was very poor today so it doesn't really stand out in the pictures. Costco were having a tyre sale on so managed to pick up 4 Michelin's for my 20's for a little over £700. Threw these on as well 9x20 from a D3 A8 model.