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  1. matts lupo gti 20vt

    very cool Lupo, must be a handful
  2. loving this, subtle looks and far quicker than you would expect, just my kind of car
  3. MK2 24v VR6

    great build so far!
  4. lets build a mk2

    Excellent progress on this, I love seeing mk2's getting saved
  5. Mk2 20v

    great build bud, hats off to you and the car is awesome
  6. I've got a soft spot for LCR's and yours looks spot on, the sliding plate is brilliant too
  7. mk2 golf engine conversion

    have a good read on http://mk2vr6.com/board/index.php and I'm sure they will be able to answer any of your questions
  8. My ride....mk2 vr6

    lovely motor, looks much better on the splits
  9. dash lights

    Had any joy yet dillweed?? Couldn