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  1. VW TRANSPORTER T5 build

    wow this is awesome. I love the new colour it is simply stunning you have put some amount of work into it fair play.
  2. Mk2 Golf G60

    Progress has slowed on the golf as im waiting on some parts arriving for it plus i also need to finished my workshop/garage so for now its stored at a friends workshop. In the mean time i bought this added some Coilovers and a full Miltek including De-Cats.
  3. Mk2 Golf G60

    I have not been on here for a while but here are some recent updates. Rear Spoiler
  4. Mk2 Golf G60

    Thanks alot guys its been along time coming but thankfully its getting there. Im in the process of building a work shop to store the car so it will be finished this week and i should have the car back from getting the cage done next week. So fingers crossed it all works out. My half built workshop.
  5. Mk2 Golf G60

    Sorry for the late reply guys yes i plan on selling these arms soon once my fab guy gets a few free minutes to knock these up. In the mean time we have made a little progress with the Golf see pictures below. I also i have had a little more carbon work done as well.
  6. NUKE Performance

    If you can hold off to Monday give my good pal Andrew a call and he will help you out. http://www.momentummotorsport.co.uk/
  7. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    @Winter20vT you might want to check out my build in the next few weeks. @Dan has the hardest looking Mk4 in the Uk its awesome.
  8. Mk2 Golf G60

    Next up is door bars as im a big lad we are trying to make them BIG LAD friendly lol . Below is an idea i had in mind but we need my seats down to test fit and get sizes right.
  9. Mk2 Golf G60

    Door Cards will tie in nicely with the cage i think they will work well with theme im going with. Bit more progress was made yesterday on the cage.
  10. Mk2 Golf G60

    Rossco_ the wishbones are custom made from a company in Holland Im hoping to get few sets made soon from a friend over here who runs his own Fab Shop. @Das Booted Ediiton - I hope they work with the look im going for. @mrmsport thanks alot.
  11. Mk2 Golf G60

    Small update We done a trail fit on the carbon roof and I`m well happy with it. Following on from the Roof Ive also added a charge cooler and since sold the intercooler. I also invested in a new Turbo Mani it came all the way from Denmark. As my wheels stick out a little to far I also decided to go for the wider arch`s. Moving on from the Archs I also got myself some nice Door Cards from Prototype22 Lewis Built Next up it was time to replace the standard wishbone`s with these little gem`s. Thats all for now.
  12. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    Hardest looking Mk4 in the UK.
  13. A MK6 with a silly spoiler

    That`s one hard looking Mk6
  14. golf m2 racer

    The Attention to detail on this is awesome I love all the Carbon touch`s.
  15. Mk2 g60 to vr6t project

    Alex sold the car in the end.