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  1. Price on single front coilover AP

    I didn't buy these from Dpm Bought from another dealer and fitted Had knocking noise ever since fitted Changed all most every bush,top mount etc Garage today has told me it's fault with the shock So I want to buy new one so I can stop stressing over the noise
  2. Hi Can you supply a single front passenger side coilover shock? I'm having problems with mine after only 1 month Cheers
  3. Wow! You on R32oc? Cars amazing mate!
  4. Golf MK6 GTi // Build Thread

    Car sits well with the springs matey OSIR do a Oem footrest albeit a bit pricey like,my bro just fitted one in his R Thought about getting the led rears?
  5. Black .:R

    Wow stunning! Not posted up on R32oc?
  6. Adam's MK5 R32

    Cars looking great mate,love the alphards Mines looking similar,got a non milly aswell
  7. My Mkv R32

    Member on mk5gti forum is selling his leather recaros
  8. dele's..

    Sweet vid
  9. VW Golf MK5.... :D

    Wow This car perfect!
  10. My New TTC, Wheel whore ADL E38 LOVER

    Nice one Chris Me bro showed me some pics on fb Looking good
  11. detailed e 38 pics

    car looks good as always chris janets golf!wow
  12. purple 9n polo TURBO build

    I spy syds house u lot been messing again
  13. purple 9n polo TURBO build

    has to be another polished rim I think chris alex got no ideas? did tony pop round in his TT?
  14. purple 9n polo TURBO build

    chris wheres the new pics?and engine bay pics? looking good as always
  15. My new Mk3 Van

    pics i had norm looking low as ever