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  1. Where can you buy "bondo"?

    You can also mix some extra resin and hardener with your regular filler to thin it out.
  2. nobody? I thought members of this forum were the stance masters.
  3. Hi I just purchased a set of Artec VIP-ME 3 piece split rims. They are 8x18", and use the RH adaptor system to make a final offset of ET30 (ET55 wheel, 25mm adaptor) Fitted on my W202 C-class, they look fantastic on the front and sit exactly where I'd like, but lack girth at the rear. My question is, what is the best way to resolve this? As I see it my options are - Spacer on the rear, but is this a good idea in conjunction with an adaptor? Seems like it could cause issues. - Larger thickness adaptor on the rear - Larger lip on the rear Does anybody have any input, and most importantly know where I can purchase any of the above items or want to sell me them? I believe the lips are 40-hole RH/Artec type, I have attached a picture Regards Jon