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  1. top job, how much are we looking at for a mk5 golf in black as well? thanks.
  2. As the title does anyone recommend a decent place in north west london that can fit tyres and the rest? Regards.
  3. Wheel alignment

    Thanks matey i will have a look.
  4. Wheel alignment

    Hi guys can anyone recommend a good place around london for 4 wheel alignment? Regards.
  5. Very good and effective write up. Great work, Great products.
  6. Mk7 R

    Very nice set up matey congrats and enjoy!!!!! good colour combo!!!!
  7. Mate what lowering set up you running? it looks spot on. Regards. Philip.
  8. every single time, very nice work congrats matey.
  9. Thanks very much for sharing matey keep up the good work...... Regards.
  10. Great work matey i will be in touch. Regards. Phlilip
  11. S3-Dan's R8 build thread

    Damn!!! bad ass Motor matey congrats.....
  12. Car Valeter

    Hi i will be also interested in this as well, any info guys? Regards.
  13. Quick detailer spray ?

    Hi guys a quick question here can the detailer sray can be used by just after washing the car? thanks