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  1. Pampers-bomber V1, my C7 2012 A6 Avant

    Doesn't post for 2 years and then throws in 21s! Still rocking the killer suits?✌️️
  2. Bobby Singh's Audi 3.0 TDI project

    Bobby. Typically what would something like this cost a customer? Parts and labour ...loosely. Pls pm if mods arnt happy with post.
  3. Hi all, not an expert with split rims wheels but do understand offset etc. I want to to a 16>18 step up lip conversion on some rs using slant lips. I can't find 964 specific rs for sale. If I were to buy some high et...ie jdm wheels ie+40 ish et Providing I was to weld and redrill the baskets to 5x130 can I assume that I can just spec the dishes from a supplier and I'll be in business? Does it even matter what the wheel et is if I'm replacing inner and outers? Should the supplier be able to help me spec the lips from the stock et? Is this a total pain in the ass? Shall I just buy image bbms? Appreciate any answers. Cheers Giles.
  4. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    Top work charlie. Singers page is a head f...! Can you not scale them up and just use of those new chrome spray places?
  5. Porsche 964 for y'all

    Hey Chris. Defo. Potentially let them go. I was thinking of making some turbo fans for them. Speak soon. G
  6. Porsche 964 for y'all

    Hey Chris! I'll be coming on Saturday , so if you're in ill find you. Waiting some money to drop in from a mate. 19's cage rs ducts and leather being done. Momo f35 and renn line lower dash delete and linen rs door cards.... Will miss Uds in it ..... But might come up in it....
  7. Porsche 964 for y'all

  8. So-Wal meet Jan 2016

    Yup. I'll be there b8 or 964 if not in bits!
  9. Help finding some wheels

    Good luck dude I've been looking for a while for these!
  10. neun sechs vier (964)

    Angus. What are your final ets. You know my feelings....
  11. The 'sensible' daily - B7 Avant

    Love this. Mucke front wings for Christmas?
  12. So-Wal meet December 2015

    I'd love a proper South Wales meet. Last meet 100 years ago was in Newport with an array of polls with scene rusted bonnets. Surely the game has moved on? An address and a date would be nice.
  13. Audi A6 Build

    Cardiff Bay Morrions? Looking lovely as always dude.
  14. Manda's B8 A4

    Nice! Seen on ASN.... Sell me your old wrapped grill!