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  1. what coilovers

    APs are supposed to be quite firm, try Venom motorsports, theyre about £400, just over !
  2. Fitting a set of rims to a 3.5 cab

    Good morning all I'm trying to fit a set of ET 33 bmw wheels to my 3.5 4 stud cabrio, the seller had them tucked on his mk3 no problem, ive put them up to my hubs to see what adapter width im gonna need, they're poking like mad, before i even get an 18mm adapter on there. Is the 4 stud track wider than the 5 stud track on gti's and VR's ? thanks, Nick
  3. Massive Thank You

    Yes mate, will see you there, Rocco still lives ! Not getting rid for a while, it's like a big jigsaw that you gotta finish !
  4. Massive Thank You

    Dude, I didn't know you were in the queue, just come to the side n gimme a nudge ! Soz you northern monkey ... Lol
  5. Massive Thank You

    We're dubbers that sell coffee to other dubbers The dubbers choice.......lol !
  6. Massive Thank You

    .....Mint !
  7. ED 38 X

    Great shots, nice variation !
  8. Massive Thank You

    Hey guys Sorry its taken me a week to do this.....That hamster wheel is just not stopping ! I'd just like to say a mahoosive thank you to all that gave me your custom throughout the weekend, it was a pleasure to be there again this year, you certainly kept us busy, and am sorry to those that experienced the lack of pressure to make drinks for ten mins on the sunday morning,....blame the Dutch....lol. ''18 large double shot coffees''....??????!!!!!! I found the organization of the show much better this year, the fencing and the cleanliness of the bogs, the security, all a big improvment on the years past. Well done to the boys at Edition for a lot of hard work done. And a huge thank you to you all that joined my queue ! Nick and 'Moss' X X X P.S. See you at Players !
  9. Retro ......Yeah baby !

  10. Retro ......Yeah baby !

    It was originally metallic brown, its a cheap paintjob, inside the boot is brown, and the engine bay too, when i win the lottery this weekend i'll respray for sure ! I have a 2ltr lump for it now, should be going in, in a couple o weeks
  11. I'm dead//////need help --- smells

    Lol..... Classic thread !
  12. Turbo Wagon

  13. Retro ......Yeah baby !

    Heres some piccys, once again apologies for the crappy iphone bizness Hope you likey
  14. Retro ......Yeah baby !

    Went to have a look at the Undrivable Rocco today. Since i last posted, i've painted the wheels, got 'some' adaption..lol., more lowz, and polished it up for UD, its was such a rush to the day before that i didn't get any pics ! Anyway...long story short, I set off for UD, but never got to UD, i lost the bottom end just as i was going onto the M42, all the way from Brighton too. So near, yet so far Got picked up by a mate from brighton on a flatbed and brought back, the cars been sat there in my warehouse since. Walked up to it today and the sad little things been cryin its eyes out, theres a puddle on the floor and the water system is empty....lol. This wasn't there 3 days ago I'm still on the hunt for a powerplant, but i've not had much luck so far. though might have found a 2.0 8v bottom end and a mk2 head on here, so fingers X'd I'll get some pics up of how she looks at the mo in a day or so.
  15. The Hustler......Audi 80 Cab...

    All ok Dean....Miss that flipping V6 Howl tho ! Rocco's doing my head in, every corner i turn is grief, need the biggest adapters ever for new wheels. I'll catch you at UD I hope, that Cab best be Gleaming