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  1. smoked plates

  2. Whats the best brake pads ?

    Ferodo DS2500/ DS3000 - heard big things about these too on the R32 forum. But quite expensive too
  3. Whats the best brake pads ?

    Pagid Fast Road Pads, used to be amazing back in the days for corrado's cheap too, could get them from GSF or Euros
  4. Kw coilover refurb service ? ( uk )

    Richard Good Telephone.: 0870 990 7536 E-Mail: info@kwautomotive.co.uk see if he's still as helpful in the "scene" as he used to be
  5. Final Wheel Fitment Advice - I promise!

    no they wont fit
  6. could be mechatronics unit, get it scanned
  7. if you did the whole wheel black and than painted the edges silver, it would give it a deeper darker silver finish, which can look quite good. kind of how they do the shadow chrome finish, but doubt that's achievable at home
  8. DSG Gearbox Woes... Audi TT DSG

    speak to http://www.ecutesting.com/ they did my unto for my old diesel and their hot on their stuff
  9. Washing all my cloths & towels

    best one i did was a couple of cloths i used for doing Gliptone conditioner on the leathers. threw them in with some socks etc. Mrs went ballastic leathery undies anyone
  10. How to brush affect PAINTED wheels

    try before attempting use hammerite out of a pot with a brush, use thin coats, really thin let it dry and do a few more coats. might work. if you slap it on thick it self levels and looks more like powdercoating so you wont get the desired effect. worth trying a small pot to see if it works, just go thin
  11. one off custom barrels and dishes

    they used to send you a drawing of your wheel and than you measured each part and sent it back. used them about 12 years ago absolutely fantastic service
  12. Aqua leathered MK5 Golf GTi

    this is the bolloxxxxs
  13. Touran GTI

    how long before you get bored and stick a R32T in there awesome work very inspirational
  14. Flash APC with Febreeze diluted 10:4 in a sprayer and microfibres.
  15. Mk3 Golf VR6 Aired, BBS RS

    thats a top motor!!!