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  1. MK4 crash sensor

    ah you guys beat me to the reply, the control box (ecu) was at the front of the centre consul the crash sensor was a red matchbox sized thing like you say just under the carpet by the seat runner. thanks for your help chaps
  2. MK4 crash sensor

    Are there different part numbers for this item. as i have seen posts saying something is under the front seats
  3. MK4 crash sensor

    wicked thanks
  4. MK4 crash sensor

    hi, could some one shed some light where to start with this please, my neighbour had a knock in their golf and the air bag light came on, it chucking up the fault: 012222 crash sensor side air bag static short. is this the crash module under the seat or are there other sensors scattered around the car?? many thanks
  5. stunning car, sat in the seats the other day and oh my giddy aunt they are ......... But R32 ............ Hell yeah buddy that will be great
  6. mk4 door locks

    hi could any one help with a prob on my mk4 golf please the 2 drivers doors seem to be confused after being replaced. when i lock the car they unlock and when i unlock they lock while the passenger doors do what they are told to. has any one else had any similar problems? many thanks
  7. looks lovely mate. must say i have a soft spot for grey mk3's
  8. Twilight Saga

    started stripping a few bits down for checking and preping pleased to find some ARP rod bolts Also quite a few drilled holes in the crank which would indicate towards some balancing work??
  9. Twilight Saga

    thanks for the comments. J4MO - what are you in in the mornings? yeah been having a bit of a love hate thing with it where i try to sell but cant bring my self to do it. anyway i have brought a treat for it so its going no where now!!!!!! this is my newly aquired bored out 3.1 VR6 it has a set of Wossner high comp pistons and also some tasty cams to suit. the standard head is going to be worked lightly and then accompanied by a lightweight flywheel and pulley set.
  10. hody mate, this has really taken shape since i last saw you. top work and its gonna be a stunner!!!
  11. wow there is something about a big pile of new parts. your car was/is/will be lovely.
  12. MK2 VR6 Turbo.

    i have seen you about in this (but i am never in mine), didnt know it was a vrt i am a westy fan but like both the front and the wheel change you have done.
  13. vr6 with V5 G/Box

    cool thanks guys
  14. vr6 with V5 G/Box

    thanks for this. yeah i am aware of the flange difference and shift tower. i run 16s but like most people they have low profile tyres. its sounding to me like this option is not going to be suitable for my usage (mainly a daily runner) thanks again
  15. vr6 with V5 G/Box

    the v5 is a 3.9. i would like the g60 final drive but cant stretch to a box rebuild at the moment so was curious if the V5 box is to short for the vr if i am using it on the road thanks for the comments so far