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  1. oily hand prints

    Autoglym glue and tar remover. Easier.
  2. Just transfer it, leave it dry itself and leave the water evaporate in the new home. Wont hurt it.
  3. Get some pictures up mate.
  4. Texture paint...

    Post some pictures when its done mate.
  5. epoxy primer in aerosol

    what is it like, first hand experience?
  6. Looking to paint steel wheels, so epoxy will be better to prevent rust, cannot seem to find in an aerosol though. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Thoughts on rays refurb colour

    Silver, as the first mk1 picture. Stunning.
  8. I always wanted windy windows....

    Loving this, wheels are lovely. What colour silver is used bud? Also, what lips have been used as they look slightly different?
  9. Mk2 Diesel Daily

    so you're buying the mounts and don't have to fabricate any? Bolt in?
  10. Gti red stripe paint

    It's tornado red. 100%
  11. Cavity Wax

    Stupid to ask, but 6 tins on the sills or all over the car?
  12. Oooooh a white golf

    Id love a white 3 door TDI
  13. What are these wheels?

    Incorrect Mugly. RC040. As i stated in the other thread, why has it gone?
  14. Prepping doors

    Thanks mate I'm gonna wait till i buy a 100L compressor and spray with a gun and get tidy stuff, heard aerosol is rubbish.
  15. Mk2 Diesel Daily

    any updastes on how handles fit? lol Cant wait to see the PD in.